We create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of potentially useful data every day, yet the majority of it goes unanalysed.

We are building 7.2 million square feet large data centers in Nevada to house machines that will be rendered useless in a decade or two.

We are detonating mountains in the US to lay down straight cables through which algorithms we don’t understand will make deals we don’t control in a matter of microseconds.

We are using sublime technology in extremely stupid ways.

We are dealing with a STUBLIME society.

The Bible has been replaced by the iPhone, and the followers of this brand new religion are now stuck in a pull-down-to-refresh purgatory.

Where do we go to pray to the gods of Wi-Fi?

A new building typology is needed in order to compete with the ever-growing scale of data and distribution centers. A social space dedicated solely to guarding not our basic needs, but our basic pleasures. One shouldn’t have to sacrifice having a Facebook profile in order to protect their privacy just as much as one shouldn’t have to tape over their laptop’s camera in fears of big brother peering its ugly eye into the comfort of their own home.

What we are witnessing is the absolute sacrilege of data misuse, a type of informational blasphemy, and it is high time to (re)claim our place in this stublime world we have found ourselves in.


Why do people come together? 

Either for a revolution, or a celebration

What’s the problem with data mining?

Corruption (using data to sway elections) and greed (using data for personal benefit).

How to reverse-engineer a crisis? 

There are two types of crisis: 

1) TRUMP – short term bad, long term good = needs to catalyse a crisis, a revolution

2) Health, Environment, Crime and Economy crisis – short term fine, long term bad = needs to revert a crisis, a celebration.

How do we catalyse/revert a crisis?

1) Using Cambridge Analytica’s techniques of psychological warfare and persuasion techniques to make bad political decisions + offering a space for a protest

2) Using data mining for good (lowering carbon emissions, discovering cure for cancer, suicide prevention via social media…) + offering a space for celebration/pilgrimage 

Site: what needs to be “here” and what “there”?

HERE = REVOLUTION – politicians need a revolt, a disturbance in the city

THERE = CELEBRATION – a festival, a pilgrimage, a social data experience 

We end up with two types of institutions – the crisis catalyst and the crisis prevention centre. One that disrupts, the other composes.

Project constraints + Study of gatherings/pilgrimages/celebrations/protests

Study of big spaces

Study of the site – neutral areas within and outside the urban context

Structural study – expanding structures

Structural study – Big building, Small footprint

Schematic design + Diagram of deployable structures

Deployable institutions: tensegrity & latticework.

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