The Unit of a Nation

The City of a Hundred Nations exists of the coast of the Comoros Islands – a floating, growing, contradictory city. Joburg-On-Sea sits adjacent to a 1:1 scale replica of the Basecamp at Mount Everest, owned by China.

The prefab modular unit, includes a port for trade and transport of capital in all forms, energy farms, sea-water distillation and an aeroplane landing strip. An inhabited administrative border controls the flow of people in and out of each nation. The unit allows for movement with ship-like propellers and attachment to other nations.

On the coast monumental shipyards & industrial centers birth new nations, allowing them to join the city or simply float out into the vast ocean.

This is the decentralisation and deterritorialization of the nation-state, as they transition from their solid, well defined form of the past into an amorphous liquid future form to accommodate the complexities and contradictions of tomorrow.



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