The Frame

Supra Terrestrial Actor

The frame is defined by three scales.

First; the outer most layer – detailing a history of the person in a few pithy lines.

Second; the name of said actor and objects which speak to their history.

Third; repeated iconography that reinforces their story.

Square frames = liquidity.


Spatial Moment

A lenses into a given future moment.

The top of the frame describes the country which the viewer is looking into.

Text explains the frame in a bit more detail.

The title ribbon at the bottom will add a subtitle to each country – as a country e.g. the Comoros Island will have multiple frames.

Circle lens frames = solidity.

NOTE: Placeholder image from a previous project inside the frame. But will probably reuse assets to construct the new image.

Flow of Goods

Line with directional arrows illustrate the direction of travel for the given item. e.g. UAE > migrants > Comoros.

Picture to illustrate the object/ qualitative detail.

Information boxes add quantitative detail to the item.

Square frames = liquidity.

Passport Item

Pink denotes value indicators.

1. Cost of passport.

2. Passport rank.

Title ribbon to denote country of origin.

Square frames = liquidity.


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