The Choreographed Society

This is the resistance against GrecoRoman choreographies of assembly that we still perform today

Assembly is a problem now, we assemble to listen, we don’t assemble to participate. This is not our fault, it is the fault of the choreographies we have inherited. We are not free roaming individuals, we live in a choreographed society.

A society where actually assembly is a burst of inconsequential encounters within multiple overlapping choreographies. We assemble constantly, socially, in all spaces but the ones that are choreographed.

Victoria is an individual leading a total spectacle of choreographies on a daily basis.

She is a performer and a spectator within her individual choreography which exists within multiple others that are larger than her being.

The architecture is not the building, but the choreographies of the total spectacle that take place within it. Thus forever changing, forever determined by the individual that is the actor and the spectator of his own show that overlaps with those of others.

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