The Border Between France, The Comoros Islands, Japan and Finland.

Jamies Story

This is the story of Jamie, she just got a massive promotion at work and decided it was time to work her way up the citizenship ladder.

At the weekend, she decides to go citizenship shopping – there’s a special offer on on Finish citizenship – 50% off for a limited time only at the Passport Warehouse.  

And thus, Jamie trades in her relatively cheap Romanian citizenship subscription for a higher value Finnish passport.

Delighted with her purchase and the sunny weather, she walks down to the Stardust Passport Kiosk and pays £52 for a vanilla ice cream and a 24 hour subscription to France to access their beautiful parks.

She returns to her modest post-war Romanian housing complex and starts to pack up her belongings in preparation to move into her glistening brick clad apartment block provided by Finland.

John’s Story

John was a senior programmer for E-Estonia but got fired on friday. Unfortunately he hadn’t been keeping track of his citizenship subscriptions many of which are fast expiring.

He gazes dispondantly out his window watching his access to Japan’s transport, Netflix’s cinemas, Denmark’s healthcare, Germany’s libraries and Frances green space, slowly fade.

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