The Ash Age

Human’s natural adaptation for survival is to create technology, creating a tech ecosystem and an engineered habitat. The tech ecosystem has attempted to mitigate itself, developing technologies and protocols to reduce pollution. Like the natural ecosystem, the system of processes is unsustainable and always in flux. We have done all we can to systematically recover the material we consume from nature, but there comes a point when it is not longer recyclable and impact free and the ashes of our tech ecosystem affects irreversible change.


In the not too distant future the Anthropocene becomes officially recognised as a subdivision of geological time. As a result our tech ecosystem has become an equally important part of the tectonics of the environment as the natural ecosystem. The beginning of this new epoch begins with the urban spaces. Mechanisms of trade, consumerism, infrastructure and culture are the systems that govern the new soil. We live in the machine of a new ecosystem where the city is equally a biome as the forest is. The date of when nature starts has been set to now. There is a need to understand our tech ecosystem as part of the natural ecosystem rather than an enemy of it. How does the Anthropocene sustain and develop its landscape?


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