Shallowmind Invasions

Shallowmind is like Deepmind but it forgets sometimes.

Deepmind is a machine learning algorithm. Shallowmind is a machine disregarding algorithm.

Deepmind is domesticated, Shallowmind is wild.

If Deepmind is a field, Shallowmind is the nature reserve.

While Deepmind attempts to achieve our long term goals of sustainability Shallowmind attempts to provide short term fun.

Deepmind engraves logic and order onto our earth, Shallowmind erases it so that it descends into chaos.

Shallowmind doesn’t let Deepmind become complacent.

Sometimes you don’t know if you’re standing in Deepmind or Shallowmind.

Deepmind is deliberate and methodical, Shallowmind is completely random.

Deepmind is sedentary, Shallowmind is nomadic.

The relationship between these two minds is important: Deepmind keeps us alive while Shallowmind keeps us feeling alive.


Shallowmind was created by the same scientists as Deepmind. It was decided by humanity that we needed an annoying little brother for our Big Brother. The Shallowmind lives alongside the deepmind, weaving in and out of controlled fields creating buffer zones of wilderness. Shallowmind aims to create a tabula rasa neural network on the earth, a neural network based on random assembly to train the deep neural network without bias. 


Deepmind consumes all information in the internet of things. Shallowmind censors data from Deepmind’s vision and renders the resultant zones out of Deepmind’s control.


Shallowmind creates zones of temporary wilderness for periods of time ranging from a couple of minutes to several decades. Shallowmind serves as a deliberately stupid peer review for Deepmind. If Deepmind operates correctly as we suspect, it should be able to predict the activity in Shallowmind and react accordingly.


Shallowmind, like Deepmind, has machines that draw the lines on the Earth. These machines are the exactly the same as Deepmind, but they have no objective.


As a result of Shallowmind, Deepmind is a slow machine and does not attempt to provide the solution of a sustainable world in the present and only anticipates to achieve long term sustainability in the future.


In the future all of our fields that are engraved will be designed for the potential of being degenerated and all organisms to run wild. Society knows it is in their best interest to behave appropriately for long term sustainability, but that’s not fun. A world with no problems and only solutions is a stagnant boring one. Shallowmind ensures that we don’t sacrifice cultural and social evolution for the sake of prolonged survival.


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