Schizophrenic ‘Machin’


Why schizophrenic? Because its the point even beyond ‘swampy’

Its the point of contact between two opposites, between two realities. In them we see what they were and what they became, but we wonder how.

They embody a past, present and future state.

They push what we understand to be real, not towards the un-real but towards the surreal.




They are what effectively communicates and creates complexity and portray a heterogenous reality.

They subvert the dominant hegemony of wanting to simplify/harden/‘drain the swamp’.

They are the embodiment of the agnostic struggle: the struggle between two hegemonic projects that cannot be rationally reconciled.

They become the public place where this struggle takes place. The public space once viewed as the terrain where consensus emerges, is now the battleground for an agnostic reality.

They become a cultural space where the vision of an open forum that fulfills its democratic function in an urban context.





The machins are big soft object that have a lifespan. Born totally fluid, they are transient through the city. Malleable, they are constantly shaped by their surroundings.

Their softness leaves a mark on the hard buildings of the city just as the hard buildings have an influence on their shape

With time they harden and all the interaction and contact they’ve had with the city are recorded in the memory of their form.

Eventually they freeze, solidify, in touch but not in sight. To your eyes, they’re still fluid and malleable. To your hand they are crystalized.

Their presence is both artistic and political (in program and in existence).


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