Project: The street of Cities



Technology deforms lifestyle

and informs our navigation, perception and participation of space.

The technology of hashtag creates new condition of world streets

Where our memory, experience and virtual interaction of streets detach architecture from its context.

Just as a physical street was not designed by a single author but a compound of collective architectures around the void; with the rise of the hashtag, the streets are further sculpted by public interactions.

Streets are constantly mutating from the feedback loop of world sourcing.

Streets become groundless, scale-less, timeless by our selective seeing and editing.

A new phenomenon of contemporary urban culture.


The project is a street of cities.

The identity of a city is very much encapsulated by its street; each street is a microcosm of its belonged city.

The technology of social media connects memories of public spaces from different corners of the world.

The Street of Cities is a fictional typology that we all live in.

A street which comprised of intertwined moments from different cultures, cities and identities.

A street which is simultaneously local and global, site-specific and site-less.

A street which updates itself as we physically and virtually circulate and capture through its moments.

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