Lets upgrade Plato’s cave

Lets upgrade Plato’s cave. Lets potentiate knowledge. There is not but one light that comes from a single fire. We do not see but the shadows casted by this fire. We are in a crystal cave, each shining with its own light. YOUR TRUTH, MY TRUTH

Lets not build libraries that categorise knowledge.

Lets not build universities with lecture halls and stages for the speaker; We should each have a stage whoever wants to listen can approach.

Lets not let a limited group take decisions for the world, lets all be the jury in a court room.

Lets all preach to the world from our individual balconies and eliminate the square and with it people that do nothing but listen.

Lets not be spectators, but active participants.

Don’t we do that already in the virtual world, lets take it to the physical world. Lets build domes that augment our murmurs so that everyone can hear.

Lets make the city our forum.

The Library, the Auditorium, the Court Room, The Balcony. The Architecture of Knowledge
As there is no longer a need for the auditorium, or for disciplines to be separated into departments, all buildings of the university become one open space

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