The millennial layer:

What if the largest generation in the world would go indoors, and why would they want to do it?

More racially and culturally diverse than previous generations, they are also politically disengaged. So liberal, they would defend the right of a neo-nazi to be heard. So narcissistic, they would spend money they don’t have to promote their figures online through merchandise and lifestyle (and not just rich-kids: underprivileged millennials suffer from materialism and tech addiction as well). They are culturally a more homogenised generation than their parents, partly because they are adapted to the internet and to technology.

They are nomadic. They are social. They are financially troubled. They want to be good citizens. They are lonely.

The factory:

As an interior liberated from the object-based world, this very big room is a factory of identities and connection(s) through visibility and interaction.

The free plan:

The free plan is used as it is the least limiting and the most enabling. It is elastic. It erases borders. It is directed at a ‘creative’ user who can who can give a new meaning to an existing space.

A Universal Interior:

It is the infrastructure of seamlessness: vents, fire sprinklers, escalators. As an evolution of the roman forum, it is the connection of one interior to the next but as an endless generic sequence. It is the nothingness on which the millennials can create zones of identity.

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