Machine (#1)

Quick machine boards, suggesting the idea that the minigrids might be displaced in different locations around the EU edges, purchasing a territorial necessity of participation. It is a way of including every territory within the project – each one ‘receiving’ the grid after one another (a sort of political transcription of Manifesta).

I have research on large scale electric batteries, which appears to be mainly used today for one reason : they are used as a way of balancing the frequency within the grid in order to maintain a 50 Hrz frequency at all-time. They are a way of maintaining a short-time scale equilibrium between production and demand.

The problematic is that they are very efficient when used in these very short time spans, constantly pumping and releasing energy. They are less efficient when kept charged for a long time. After a certain amount of days, a full battery will turn empty due to losses.

I am starting to think that this problem might actually be an important guide for the way i want batteries to move. Perhaps a certain quantity of losses can be considered ‘OK’ as long as the pumped energy was cheap/free (if pumped from over-production). If redefines a geography defines by acceptable energy losses. If it is 30h for a 3MW Battery, then it can be carried from La Ceuta to Oran, from Marseille to Lampedusa, from Murcia to Alger, from Tunis to Napoli…

Those are the points (chapter) i believe my TS may need to go through :

– expose the technical reason for rethinking the grid through the paradigm of Renewables

– problematics of batteries

– problematics of moving these batteries

– how we use them once charge

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