Lets Upgrade Plato’s Cave

How can we align architecture of knowledge, such as the Lecture Hall or the University Campus to  the current mechanism of knowledge sharing?

Now that we all have access to the exact same platform that delivers immediate information, there is no longer a need for the hierarchy of the lecture hall that positions the lecturer above the spectator. At the moment, the lecturer and the spectator are at the same level, but not in the form of the space they occupy.

We have to change from the “Scala Naturae” of knowledge where only God, positioned above all can deliver knowledge.

Now, Both the lecturer and the spectators are looking at the same thing. The light coming from their devices.


When you break this hierarchy in knowledge, this categorisation, you also break disciplines. Disciplines lead to different departments in a University, each with a different monumental building. Lets break the hierarchy, the categorisation and make knowledge about the journey through data instead of the absorption of it.

Take one of the most famous, most expensive, most inaccessible university in the world and democratise it through the merging of all its disciplines and the creation of an open plan space.



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