Geographically Detached Territory




One of the comments that stuck with me from the jury was “peripheral architecture“.

If we no longer care for the wallpaper, the walls, the doors.. what do we start to value? Objects? Experiences? Journeys? Fragments of homes/cities?

I’m not only interested in creating a friction-less world  for mobility, but in establishing the individual’s territory that is not bound my geography/space (an identity in the city without an address). This territory can be a series of (floating) objects; the bicycle, the laptop&plug, the exercise mat (i love this as a tool you carry around and place down to mark your territory). Fragments of homes and cities that you value and connect with…


Work in progress.

Trying to figure out how to draw my territory within the larger context of the city/global network. Thinking about what the ‘boundaries’ of this territory could be? A question Octave asked me: Is it a machine for anonymity in the city?

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