From Material To Matter: Cartography of a Pig

The first character entering the ecosystem is the pig. This pig does not need to be seen physically by anyone. The pig is encoded into a series of bar codes and data.


There are notches cut into the ears, spelling out the numbers 10 and 4 in binary.

The left ear bears its individual identity, while the right one refers to its genealogical history.  This pig is an F2 Iberian pig. The Iberian pig is considered a rare heritage breed as the population dwindled after the decline in popularity in using lard in cooking. This pig’s sire is a pure Iberian whereas it’s mother is an Iberian-Duroc cross, making this an F2 pig.

The pig is killed by a captive bolt gun, the time taken to die is around 2 seconds. The time of death denotes the pig has not had time to notice the gun. The pig is not rendered wasted PSE meat as it did not generate adrenaline and deplete the glycogen in the flesh.


The pig is cut into primary cuts and shipped from the abattoir to butchers

The meat is then broken down into secondary cuts to be sold to be consumers.

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