This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the
beauty of the baud.  We make use of a service already existing without paying
for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and
you call us criminals.  We explore... and you call us criminals.  We seek
after knowledge... and you call us criminals.  We exist without skin color,
without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals.
You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us
and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

        Yes, I am a criminal.  My crime is that of curiosity.  My crime is
that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me

-Hacker's Manifesto - The Mentor


I want to make a fictional city in a fictional game. The game has a goal and no goal at the same time. The game aims to create an allegorical city, like Thomas Moore’s Utopia, that is governed by the deepmind and the shallowmind.  The city is defined by gamified urban planning as a form of problem solving and playful glitches that shape the city.

The city is like Utopia, Oceania, The Metaverse, Singapore, Haussmann Paris, The Eixample, The Sims and Simcity. These are cities of the deepmind that play life like a zero-sum game and create ecosystems that aim to solve all perceivable problems.  The shallowmind naturally occurs as glitches and creates problems that lurk within the city.




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