The belief in an ecosystem governed by information and the relationships between data is flattening our world and subdividing it into informational relationships. The problematic within this system is that not everything can be quantified and accounted for. Between the pixels of the deepmind landscape infinite nuances that technological progress attempts to discover and quantify.  Shallowmind is the mind in between the pixels, constantly reinterpreting the each pixel and how deepmind gazes upon the world.



We subdivide landscapes into pixels. Fields create a landscape governed by low resolution pixels and monocultures that supposedly behave in a predictable manner. When deepmind develops itself a brand new camera (false colour imagery) they discover the behavior of these pixels completely obedient . The shallowmind questions how deepmind quantifies the world and questions each pixel of the NDVI, suggesting a course of action on the field that questions the validity of using the wavelength of chlorophyll to govern this landscape.

Our fears of the Big Brother is not that we are constantly monitored, but rather that we are constantly being described incorrectly. The shallowmind acts as a humanistic and naturalistic peer review to untrain the precedent of the media that deepmind gazes upon. Reducing the precision of deepmind is bringing this pixellated world closer to reality.


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