I ask myself: why? why the obsession with the statistical body?

Peter Weibel responds:

“It is not only the modern era that is an unfinished project – the human being, the earth, and the world are unfinished, open projects too, that will be transformed by further revolutions. We currently find ourselves at the beginning of the digital revolution. Herder indicates the key idea, that the upright walk was nature’s way of freeing humans’ feet to become hands, allowing them to transform from natural organs into technical tools. This pre-formulates the development of humans during the industrial revolution; i. e. the transition from organs to tools; from natural sensory organs to machines, media and apparatuses; from nature to technology. Herder defines this transition positively, as a moment of freedom. Released from the prison of nature, human beings wind up as freehanded cultural beings (Kurt Bayertz) in the free port of technology. Yet this freedom of choice also always entails human beings submitting themselves to choice – and facing choices. Herder’s metaphor, that the human being not only has the power to place the weights, but is himself a weight on the scale, highlights the idea of recurrence, of going back – the human being is part of the system that he observes, in which he selects and weighs.

I call this exo-Darwinism – Michel Serres.”


Designing situations…

A human thermal plume so powerful, it pushes and shapes brick walls.


IP addresses turned into physical mailboxes that roam the city, floating, grounded or attached to the fabric. They only materialize when online, and remain as numbers when offline. They are your extension, they exist where your human body doesn’t.


Your phone number has transformed into a series of hologram sculptures assigned to your name, you can drop each one down as a physical anchor wherever you desire in the city. It is your meeting point, the offshore piece of furniture to your living room. It is a prosthetic.


Each individual has a book that stores all files, documents and pieces of information to their name. This book belongs in a shelf built within the urban fabric, just as the number on your door. It guides you. You age, the book grows.

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