Charge-Discharge, again

1-Statement. The design is the proposal of a method that combines specific electricity production and storage and a programmatic indeterminacy. It mediates between increasing the time-span of energy storage and inhabitants spectrum of necessities. Low tech forms of batteries are used  as adaptateurs from energy to participation.

2-Table of Content. The TOC is structured the same way the Minigrids are constructed.

  1. Defining the needs (Hypothesis) [within a defined political location/condition what are the climatic conditions ? According to these conditions how do we size the electricity needs for a given population ? At what price ? who pays ? what theoretical surplus ?]
  2. Programming the territory (Grid) [Defining the location of the RNs (Wind turbines, Solar panels) parks, locating the different type of needs (cities, agriculture, industry,…), striping the territory, tracing the distribution pathways of the MG]
  3. Laying the adaptateurs (Fulcrums) [Why low tech batteries forms ? What are the different forms that these LTB can take (a stone, a train, a reservoir, a crane,…) ? Where do we place them and how they frame the MG]
  4. Discharge [What are the benefit of these batteries ? What do they bring]

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