World as Surface

Looking at the world and its events only as an agglomeration of surfaces

“Just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me and there I am. There’s nothing behind it. I’m all surface nothing else”
Andy Warhol 
“The skin disappoints … Clearly the only thing he possesses weighs upon him. It is superfluous since possession and being do not coincide. Possessing it is the cause of misunderstanding in human relations. I have an angels skin, but I am a jackal; a crocodile skin, but I am a puppy; I have black skin, but I am white; a woman’s skin, but I am a man. I never have the skin of what I really am. There is no exception to the rule, because I am never what I have.”
Eugenie Limone-Luccioni (‘La Robe’)

2017-02-22 (12) 2017-02-22 (13) 2017-02-22 (15)


The condition of footage should be seen, not as a collection of fragments but in terms of a seamless  skin/surface – the surface of the lie or the architecture of the fake.

In spatial terms how architectural forms are only attributed meaning through the event they host and the way we are guided as audience to read them (consume them as part of an edited spectacle) on screen.

The screen speaks of the ultimate surface illusion where any form is flattened into an endless stream of consistent spectacle.

The visual nature of form does little in addressing fact or fiction; it is always a fake or something trying to represent the idea of truth. Hence the fake should be seen in aesthetic terms.

When the most beautiful or purest forms often require huge methods/resources/structures to construct and maintain them then even our ideas about pure beautiful forms having some inherent reference to truth is a lie.

On Screen everything becomes an exterior 

It’s a project about surface/skin. Whether the object is on the scale of a landscape, a wall texture, a luscious fabric or a grotesque element the surface design and the subsequent editing of these spaces into a narrative on screen will begin creating associations and discuss the idea of adding ‘narrative meaning’ to architecture that arguably can never inherently exist as testimony to ideological ‘truth’ or ‘falsehood’.

What is the surface of architecture today?

What is today’s multifaceted diamond?

How is the new object recording the thing but never actually seeing the thing?

… not quite the faceted diamond of screens I’m after but a crazy set-up nonetheless:

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