White Shadow and Yellow Hat

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white shadowyellow hats

These are the two basic characters of the game. The player controls the character on the left, called White Shadow, who explores the land of BIMland, a place created by building regulations, construction industry conventions and software libraries. The character on the left is called Yellow Hat, who tries to kill White Shadow. White Shadow can use a variety of tools which he picks up along his journey:

the chisel – a tool he picks up at the quarry with which he can break through thin walls

the parallel motion ruler – a tool that sets platforms in parallel motion

the pantograph – a tool that creates copies in a larger scale

the neufert manual – a tool with which one can change the dimensions of building elements, like the height of a door in order to block larger enemies, or the angle of a ramp

Yellow Hat, on the other hand, has only one tool, the Blueprint Bazooka! It’s a projctile gun that shoots blueprints.




The whole game is seen as a sectional perspective, inspired by the referenced games below.


These are three games which are really like. What i like is their atmospheric qualities and the use of what is called a 2.5d platform.

calvino noir

Calvino Noir





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3 Responses to White Shadow and Yellow Hat

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Hilarious. Why’s he called white hat?

  2. Fabienne Tjia says:

    haha why the combination of Gru and Baymax?! :P