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I am a starting this post with a very interesting photo from the construction of one of the houses in Levittown. It describes the sort of architecture that BIM creates; the architect is no longer the author but the curator of building elements.

After Friday, I decided to draw a plan of my video game world. It comprises of 4 worlds, that some already exist from the previous versions of the game. The worlds are:

1. BIM world and BIM HQ

2.historical world

3. natural landscape world

4. graphene or unobtainium world

The aim of this game is to try to disrupt the BIM world by transporting material and fragments from the other worlds into it.

At the moment, I am drawing a plan of the video game world. In the process, I am trying to think how these worlds connect. Are they geographical locations sitting one next to another, are they floating islands or are they stacked one on top of another?

map-of-video-game-worldAt the same time, I tried to create the core of the BIM world, which is the BIM HQ or factory, the place from where BIM creates the standardization of its world. The player, in the last stage needs to enter the factory and destroy it.

factory floor

The Factory of Compromise, where multiple subjective designs become one singular objective design.

flooding room


The Flood Room, where multiple designs come in liquid form to become a uniform liquid.

screens roomThe Control Room

170220 - grahene tsI am also working on TS, making pages on Graphene. The research and creations from that material will become part of the graphene world in the game.


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