TS Proposal and Jury references

My TS proposal should focus on how we transform the infrastructure of a video game into the space for producing architecture. I want the game not to be just an illustrative tool through which i explain my thesis, but it is the thesis itself.


Things to introduce to the game:

1. The game’s infrastructure

2. The glitch

3. Cheating

References from the jury:



I found it interesting how viewers of Westworld are asking online on reddit if glitches that happen in the series are actually a problem on their receivers (tvs or computers).



Stanley Parable

It has multiple possible endings in the game, while you start as the character-narrator, you end up in conflict against him.

lhroq-1 screen5

The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ulysses by Leopold Bloom

The game that Felix was talking about on Friday that you have to photogaph ghosts:

Fatal Frame I & II


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