Televolution – Fact Factories

Time Magazine: Issue 19690725Here are some spreads for my TS course of Mass-customization. In them I am also trying to brainstorm on ways of further exploring the potential of spatial flattening through the screen, as one of the project aspects we discussed during the last tutorial.

Also … how’s ‘Fact Factory’ as a current title? Too literal? :)

Televolution_01 Televolution_02 Televolution_03

In terms of the project and the Jury what I’m focusing now is to build on my previous film narratives and construct a new story as a news report that can produce its own factual/fictional objects and spaces.

The ‘film posters’ or ‘news headlines’ could be a good initial starting point to capture/frame key ideas and discuss tomorrow.



Links to last term’s films:

Phantasmagoria: (film at very bottom of post)


Live screen overlay:

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One Response to Televolution – Fact Factories

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    I’d just go with FACTory. keep it simple!