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Storyboarding Intro

All about mediating between surfaces, scales and objects. I’m putting together the narration/script that goes with the intro as I story board more.

The current idea is that our faceted world is introduced after the “death” or transition from the surface of a drawing (at the moment farnsworth house can change not sure to what) and the entry into the surface of one single screen.

The faceted diamond of screens will never appear only as we transition from surface to surface we start seeing the appearance of more screens subtly and gradually. The big diamond of all screens will then appear as the faceted cosmos/globe of screens at the very end where all surfaces construct a ‘world’ of the event/things we were looking at but with a hollow interior since there is nothing beyond the surfaces themselves.

Also introducing a ‘character’ I’m calling her Pandora for now (after all I have a few boxes from my diamonds from Mulholland Drive to Houdini) her role is to be further explored for now she is reduced to a beautiful body that the camera man uses to flatten against the oil covered birds wings in the foreground and compose the sculpture of victory on the other end. (a sort of reverse Godard situation I was trying there from her eyes to camera to the objects being filmed aligned)

Scan 1.0 Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9 Scan 10 Scan 11 Scan 12 Scan 13 Scan 14 Scan 15 Scan 16 Scan 17 Scan 18 Scan 19 Scan 20 Scan 21 Scan 22 Scan 23

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Film Treatment 3

Here’s an updated film treatment based on what we discussed last time. The previous version has been edited/shortened so that more time can be spent in the average world view – examining the effect the festival has on each of our protagonists and suggesting some changes in its aftermath.

Currently, the intent for the jury is to present the treatment as a spoken short story over an animated storyboard/soundscape to communicate the intent of the piece. *Images are indicative WIP!


Like a slippery pool of mercury, it glinted at her from her fingertip. As the morning light danced across the concave lens, it shifted from mirrored glass to transparent gel. Of all Aisha’s morning rituals, this was the first. With practised delicacy, she lifted it to her face and covered her eyes.

v03-1_island-villages_postIn a dense settlement, built out over an endless glossy ocean, under a white misty sky, a child played. Aisha’s village was one of several, connected by long walkways that extended over the waters. Each morning, slipped under their door, Aisha’s family received papers from Le. Papers that could be exchanged for food and goods at the local markets. One morning, no papers arrived, and as Aisha played at the edge of her settlement, she wondered if Le had forgotten them.

2-progressives-view-01Miri’s city was a garden of Dionysian delights. Nestled in a mountainous lush forest, her city’s streets were mirrored arcades, shaded by lattices of grape vines, and flowering coffee plants. Every morning, as Miri sipped her tea and practised yoga amongst the bleating sheep that shared her city, she would submit a prayer to Le, wondering why it had taken her so long to ban the cruel slaughter of livestock for human consumption.

ricks-house-03-rgb_color-0-00-00-00A great mirrored wall surrounded Rick’s house; a beautiful detached home that had been in his family for generations. The walls were to keep the crazys out. For a long time, Rick had felt estranged in his own city, and in recent years his movements shrank to a routine set of walled paths leading to trusted friends; the butcher, the barber, the school and the cricket pitch.

ricks-house-02-rgb_color-0-00-04-09Recently, Le’s behaviour had bewildered him. Culture and civilisation herself were being eroded by all the newcomers Le was letting into the city – and districts once rich with identity and character were now overrun by immigrants and hooligans.

In these three cities and many others, a Festival in celebration of Le was announced, promising insight into the subtleties of culture, and unprecedented spectacle.

Aisha ran to the gathering place to see the festival’s opening, moving swiftly across the walkways. As she ran, the strange sounds of spirits’ conversations in foreign tongues echoed from the fog. The exotic fragrances of unfamiliar spices drifted across the air. On occasion, shadowy figures emerged from the mist, crossing her path before gliding back out over the water. These figures she dodged with rehearsed nimbleness – they would not harm her so long as she did not interact with them.

Miri’s walk to the festival site took her through golden arbours around which cafes full of friendly faces gathered. She was nervous and excited. Her friends had heard rumours that during the festival, personalisation services would be suspended, and she didn’t know what to expect.

3-conservatives-view-01Somewhere else, Rick walked down one of his narrow walled pathways, seeing himself reflected to infinity in the mirrors to either side. This excursion to the city plaza made him feel like a tourist in his own home, but despite his reservations, a curiosity he couldn’t quite place drove him to the centre of the action. The chaotic sounds of a great crowd signalled that he had arrived at the city square. Peering through them, he began to shuffle toward the great tree that marked the centre of his city.

Miri arrived early. She had made it in plenty of time to ensure she had a prime position near the mother tree at the centre of her city. In full bloom and covered in ripe fruit she took comfort in its shade. A small child stood directly opposite her, staring up into the canopy.

A sudden noise took Aisha out of her daydream. The crowd was counting backwards from ten. She stood under the tree that stood at the centre of the great pontoon that connected all the settlements. The volume of the counting increased as the crowd grew excited and as they reached zero, the air in front of the tree shimmered and a lone fruit fell.

The fruit hit the ground and pontoon vanished. She looked around and was startled to see that the ocean had gone too. Instead she stood in a white city, covered in the strange glyphs of an unknown language.

Aisha, Miri and Rick all stood dumbfounded around the tree. No longer organic, it appeared as a black mass of seething wires and antennas, all connected to whirring servers.

When the city rematerialized it was like nothing any of them had ever seen. Aisha could make out her settlement but it was now mostly obscured by neon-lit towers, punctuated by golden arcades covered in vines. Rick sank to his knees as he saw that his house, once protected by great walls, now stood exposed on all sides to strange architectures he couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

People were looking all around, but the settlements so familiar to Aisha and so foreign to everyone else had captured the most attention. Many stared in bewilderment at the slums that had until now, invisibly grown around their city. As the crowds focused on them, the settlements grew taller and denser until their scale was so preposterous Aisha laughed out loud. A whining in her ear told her that her older brother was calling. She answered with a nod. Her brother spoke urgently. ‘Bring as many people as you can home with you. We need to show them around’. ‘Why?’ asked Aisha, but he was already gone.

Miri looked down to see the child she had seen by the tree tugging at her sleeve. ‘Do you want to visit my house?’ the girl asked. Miri looked around. The square was starting to empty. As people started to wander off to explore this strange new city the slum settlements that Miri had until now thought were mountains started to shrink back to their previous size. Why not, she thought and she nodded to the girl. As they walked off small green buds grew where Miri had walked.

Rick stood in front of a restaurant two doors down from his house. For the first two days of the festival he had not stepped out his front door once, and now it was only the necessity to buy food for dinner that drove him into the streets. He had stopped outside this restaurant when the smell of exotically spiced barbequed meat wet his palette. He had smelt this before he realised, but never so strongly. The diffused scents of this foreign eatery must have sometimes carried in the wind to his front door. Inside a foreigner’s shout was followed by raucous laughter. Tentatively, he stepped inside.

Since the festival had started, Aisha’s family had received more papers from Le than ever before. In just four days, they had stockpiled food that would have taken weeks to gather before. Though she had already spent many hours roaming Le’s city, she still took pleasure in watching the shifting forms of the busy metropolis where once there had only been fog. Between errands to fetch new passers-by to show around her home, Aisha liked to guess at the lives of all those strange people who were her new neighbours.  

After five days running around the city, attempting to infuse it with the greenery she was so familiar with, Miri was ready to give up. Her influence simply wasn’t great enough to make a dent in the city’s average concerns. On the other hand, the last few days had seen an explosion of boisterous animated creatures roaming the city as groups of children rich, poor and everything in between and played out their epic games in larger communities than ever before. In a last ditch effort to convince someone to care, she offered a complete stranger the address and password to her lens profile. Shocked by this self-breach of privacy, Rick found himself surrendering his own details in return.

In the days following the festival’s conclusion, patches of fog returned to Aisha’s community. However, much of the City of Le that had so briefly been revealed remained in Aisha’s view, although for her older brother the fog came back much more quickly.

Miri, inspired by her spontaneous exchange in the last days of the festival, set up a service, facilitating the safe swapping of lens profiles for those who wanted to recapture that ephemeral experience of Le. Her city, still luscious and green now revealed the settlement she had visited with Aisha on that very first day.

Sitting in the safety of his porch, Rick reflected on whether he’d made a terrible mistake in compromising his lens security. His walls were back up, although he had added several new paths to restaurants he had discovered, and an old movie theatre he had not known of. Lately, though, he had started noticing holes appearing in some of his walls, revealing glimpses of gardens beyond. That woman must have been exploring his profile he thought. To his surprise, he found he didn’t care. Resetting his lens, he entered the address and password the woman had given him and around him his world transformed.

I also came across this experiment to ask conservatives and liberals to swap facebook feeds. Not that scientific, but an interesting read.



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The Augmented Filter Bubble

If the self affirming ‘filter bubble’ of technology continues into the future, our cities may become host to millions of individual versions/visions, each tailored to meet the expectations and biases of the individuals who see them. Like Mieville’s city and the city, the same space hosts multiple places. In a ‘augmented/mixed reality’ city, each person lives in a city of one, overlaid on everyone else’s.

These images are all of the same moment in time, on the same street, seen through different eyes.

view-1Paul Jamieson is a British Nationalist, living in his London apartment which has been in his family for generations. Around him the city has diversified and his neighbourhood has become a cultural hotspot for newly arrived immigrants seeking opportunity in the Global City. For Paul, his house is a comforting refuge beset on all sides by danger and wilderness. 

view-2For Nadia Cheng, recently arrived in London from central China, this street is welcoming. Her eyes show her the colour and vibrance of her potential new life. A passerby is highlighted as a potential friend. She can’t even see Paul’s house. To her, it is a beautiful concrete edifice, supporting new growth. 

view-0The un-augmented view shows a London street, largely unaltered from it’s historic form, except for the addition of machine-readable markers, facilitating the many worlds present here.

From here I still need to propose/image the counter scenario to this condition – Le’s districts in the city – the spaces that cannot be customised/personalised – the representation of the collective imaginary rather than the individual’s.

Over the coming weeks I hope to develop these two concepts of mixed reality in the city (filtered by the individual and filtered by the collective), and storyboard a narrative that can become a short film. The aim is to have a draft of the film for the next jury and to continue developing that next year (alongside more issues of Black Box for TS).


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Since I don’t want to include the little thumbnail sketches in my presentation, I found another way of including the storyboarding as a design tool in my documents.

Mies Sketching, 1960s © hedrich-blessing courtesy chicago historical society (source: www.designboom.com)

Mies Sketching, 1960s
© hedrich-blessing
courtesy chicago historical society (source: www.designboom.com)

Anouk Storyboarding

Anouk Storyboarding

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I am currently working on the realization of my storyboard and model tests. I drew a new sheet of questions which I will try to respond to in the project and will upload the full storyboard once I am at home. The first scene is  filmed and photographed and I hope to discuss the materials I used tomorrow. The little fake marble blocks are testing the textures of marble if cut in the quarry or polished for a plinth.



Here’s the scene which inspired me while chisling and painting the bluefoam:

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The Peak ( beta version. Storyboard


Today has been a day of doodling and setting up a storyboard for my moving picture/chameleon/inseptioneque video. So far the storyboard consists of 4 deep 2d plates (which will hopefully be done out of paper and be used in the actual video). I was contemplating whether to go with a square format, but thinking to stick to portrait which is true to the original Peak drawing.

The story takes you from the interior of a gallery where Zaha’s work is being exhibited into the actual Peak day drawing from two different views, back into the gallery and into the floor of the gallery which turns into the view of HK from the peak. The more precise step-by-step camera movement and set description is in the little subtitles in the image.

If anyone has suggestions to a more trippy Peak experience or on how the story is told please comment.

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ReCon Storyboard

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