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Infinite Landscape and a Teaser


The Fargo “This is a true story”  text is apparently justified to the left in the 90s movie, the recent series is a bit more playful with how the each part appears.

Teaser of the Video I’m working on based on an 8 – 32 square grid which I expand or contract within its framework to make the grid less visually rigid and more of a guide.

img_9208img_9211  img_9205

Below Is the set-up for the infinite Landscape in an hexagonal configuration:

Time-lapse of testing the mirror and landscape set-up (shot from behind the Two-Way mirror)

img_9202 img_9204

img_9173 img_9177img_9196


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Here's the Humvee and toy soldier guarding my mirror pieces for size reference.

Here’s the Humvee and toy soldier guarding my mirror pieces for size reference.

The past two days have mostly been focused on managing logistics of my physical model set up. Pending replies from Joel and Jillian on footage advice and health and safety respectively.

In other news, have 5 60x60cm mirros and picking my two-way spy mirror up tomorrow afternoon. Advice from Tris has really helped advance the flaming side of things: Pressure weed sprayer I’m getting tomorrow as well will be filled with fuel and the nozzle will shoot the fuel out past a cotton bud laced with WD40 that will ignite it (the sprayer device and this overal set up IS apparently as safe as I can make this for distancing fuel source from ignition point and getting the desired effect). Here’s a super low-res reference for visual (not many people build flamethrowers for more serious applications it seems other than ‘fun’):

I show this one specifically because they use exactly the tools I am gathering for mine.

I am currently working on the narrative as the vehicle to frame my wider argument; my ‘why’ side of the project. I have some clearer idea and this is what I plan to focus on discussing tomorrow at tutorials since set-up wise with the physical model I just need to start putting the elements together and running some tests with that flame thrower over the weekend.


Stay tuned for the narrative …


Brought to you by
The Agency of Perception Management
Footage as an apparatus for neo-baroque spectacle! 


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The set up

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 22.33.21




This will be the final set up for the hologram show. I will build an AMAZING FRAME (nervous)  for the TV , a small podium/stage , wedged in the middle will be the inclined holographic screen, and a sheet for the changing background.

After a chat with Ari, it is now clear that that I need to create very simple images, with single objects that will frame the moment in Tatlin’s, life that conceived the tower.

The goal now is to create spaces,  like the boxes I made early in the term. Except more focused and clear. It will be layered, with a few props each time. As I present I will keep changing the background, the floor and the props to tell the story.  The hologram will always complete the image, and prompt the tower.


On other developments, Lana has showed me how to crop my frame in imovie, to get a much larger image in the screen. I will test this out tomorrow.

My script  remains ambiguous.



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