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Telescape – The Room + Story WIP


above more of an atmospheric render test from cinema4d

ACT I: A condensed version of what I read as an intro in studio where we are moving from spaces inside the screen to set up the argument [exhibit, billboards and the War 20 000 hrs / 800hrs]



Part Narration / part screenplay description:


The Built envirnment is all Surface we zoom out to see the whole telescape (part of the image above but with activated screens)

The future of the architect is curator of the world – master story-teller.

In a hyper-mediated world public spaces are taken over by vast structures – Telescapes – An infrastructural framework that has no purpose other than powering architecture’s ultimate medium – surface.

The recorded world and it’s image fall-out are the material of the Information age feeding the surfaces of the Telescape. Space on either side of the gargantuan surfaces is irrelevant – a mere plinth for bodily existence to flow past – the surface is our only aesthetic nourishment – these aesthetics however defy every design convention in an age where time and scale are useless. The only rules are: the spectacle = beauty, the boring = ugly. From wars to cat videos, fact or fiction, the appeal of the visual content only matters in it’s delivery and it’s apparatus of display – the surface.

The volumes of the city lie in tedium – stacks of un-editable space, vessels of the population whose gaze is always beguiled by the Telescape.  


Fluid Surface – conclusion reinforcing the argument

The spectators stare at the Telescape’s surfaces, twinkling stars of light glow amidst the gilded ornaments framing the spectacles. Clusters of people gather closer to where their reflections occupy a display. Few are physically there, awe-struck by the shear scale of it all– others experience it from home – they watch the surfaces from another surface. (the neflix living room expirience)

A girl walks up to the surface and reaches out, her hand suspended in space seemingly too far to actually reach the display – until the very air separating them ripples.

Skin, eyes, fabric, are slowly consumed by liquefied media – when the surface transcends the screen into an overly for just about every from.

Architecture no longer deals with volume – the outside is always shown on the inside and vice versa – The Telescape is fluid covering everything – interior is exterior is interior – all hail surface!


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New Screenplay + Compositing Tests + /r/Place


The image above is the end result of /r/place – a reddit social experiment run for 72 hours from April 1st. Each user who logs into the site is able to colour pixels, one at a time, on this thousand by thousand pixel site. Collectively, the entire audience adds content to the site. It begins in chaos, but very quickly groups emerge, attempting to take territory, and create coherent images.

For me this is essentially a 2D version of the AR city I propose – and may be useful as a way for me to introduce the project from this point. A timelapse of the event can be seen below – as well as a good explanation (worth the watch if you have the time).

I have also developed a new screenplay over the break, attempting to respond to tables feedback as well as trying to find ways to use footage from Peru.  Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_02 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_03 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_04 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_05 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_06 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_07 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_08 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_09 Through Leviathan's Eyes_P1_Page_10Below are some early compositing tests from scene 2 – one low res render to see how composited objects were sticking to the drone footage and another is just a screengrab of the updated scene as I continue to populate/texture.



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Concept Art & New Screenplay

I’ve been working on concept imagery for the apartment. MA_170123_CGMira’s View

RA_170123_CGRick’s View

BA_170119_CGUnaugmented View (for reference)

Here’s the updated screenplay.

The City’s Eyes_V2

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Coincident – Screenplay Draft

Screenplay01_p1 Screenplay01_p2 Screenplay01_p3 Screenplay01_p4 Screenplay01_p5 Screenplay01_p6 Screenplay01_p7 Screenplay01_p8 Screenplay01_p9 Screenplay01_p10 Screenplay01_p11

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