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Jury draft text below (an edited version of my last film will be shown in between with some images I am also working on):

Truth is aesthetic.

Something is only true if it is spectacular; in equal measures either mesmerizingly staged or horrifically raw.

The truth is, this is not a project about truth, but about the space of narrative production and consumption. These spaces are no longer found in conventional architectural forms but increasingly exist within the framework of the screen with footage as their material. Truth is virtualised in a site we can refer to as the Telescape. If there is no footage then there is no story; no architecture.

The media gives birth to a reason for war, a war happens and the media writes about the war more. The self-fulfilling nature of belief drives the rate at which we construct, destroy, or make sense of the world.

History, like fact is constructed and post-rational. All experience is fragmented and everything sits within its own ‘Area51′, its own conspiratorial ‘Hangar 18′ somewhere in a desert. The newsroom is the screen. The architectures generated by it correlate with a very tangible physical fallout.

The screen initiates a story and we find ourselves trying to catch up with its consequences in a world of confusion facing its very tangible aftereffects. Google’s most popular search term after the EU referendum was in fact ‘what is Brexit’.

Abstracted worlds of ideas are lending themselves to the world of facts within our screens. The world is flattened in both scale and time within the site of the Telescape. Facts are increasingly indistinguishable from fictions. Can architecture respond to the condition? Can fact/fiction-spaces be reconciled? Or should be just lend ourselves to designing spectacles alone?


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Proletarian activity

Strategically placed ribbon

Strategically placed ribbon

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Battle Posters

Battle posters to prompt the discussion to focus on my relationship with the project and my Ego/World. They lead to my potential abandonment of the hole.

Concluding statement: In The Metropolis of Ego the theatre of reality is always at odds with its staging and constructs.  Similarly, we as architects continue to fight opposing forces in order to realise spectacles of our imagination egged on by our Egos. Our Ego is essential in design, but in using it to our advantage we must strike a fine balance between the physical stage and conceptual staging of our environment.

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AA poster of Roma Interotta Competition 1979

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