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Enter Tele-scape + Word_Cloud_2.0


What you see is a true lie. Footage from three landscapes are all mincided by the screenscape into one narrative.

A loop from my room back to my room and to my laptop screen. Above is the set up and below images of the views. Through 9 screens we are looking back at my laptop screen from the Uk through Cyprus and back again. On my laptop screen we are inside the Philip Glass Koyaanisqatsi. (They become 11 screens if we add the unrelated content of the other two large monitors behind my laptop screen).

img_0197 img_7014

 Word Cloud 2.0! Within the big cloud of Phantasmagoria the clouds of journalism v. narrative, room, landscape, and footage are being minced:


Also a very interesting look into the Narrative Index – Facts alone are completely irrelevant the delivery of a strong narrative matters more:

And to finish off a funny article on the meaning of “Mincing” from a journalistic perspective especially Mincing as in to “tell by degrees, instead of directly and frankly; to clip, as words or expressions; to utter half and keep back half.”:

The Meaning of Mincing

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