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Infinite Landscape and a Teaser


The Fargo “This is a true story”  text is apparently justified to the left in the 90s movie, the recent series is a bit more playful with how the each part appears.

Teaser of the Video I’m working on based on an 8 – 32 square grid which I expand or contract within its framework to make the grid less visually rigid and more of a guide.

img_9208img_9211  img_9205

Below Is the set-up for the infinite Landscape in an hexagonal configuration:

Time-lapse of testing the mirror and landscape set-up (shot from behind the Two-Way mirror)

img_9202 img_9204

img_9173 img_9177img_9196


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The Start of Excavations


Guided by Piranesi’s plates, I begin to uncover the Carceri that worm their way underneath the city of Rome. Like Piranesi who feverishly excavated the ruins of ancient Rome, I attempt to uncover the Carceri. His 16 views are framed snapshots of the vast labyrinth that expands through the cracks in Rome’s mapped surface – each view a wormhole in one of the map’s fragments.


The Carceri exist in the cracks of space and time.  I start my excavation by overlaying three different plans of Rome – the Google map (my Rome), the Nolli Map (the Rome of Piranesi) and the Campo Carceri (Piranes’s plan for a perfect ancient Rome). When layered, the map vibrates – the details don’t coincide, creating the cracks in space and time that allow for the Carceri to unravel. It is in these displacements, in these cracks, that I discover wormholes to Piranesi’s labyrinth.


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site drawing tests

test 1- in this one I begin to show the upper levels, the scale is the same as the house

test 2 – i have upped the scale and moved it down to show the upper level

test 3- in this one i have upped the scale but have chosen not to show the upper level

Drawing I showed at my tutorial.


I think that test 2 is the best tbh the question is does it give to much of the building away?

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perspective axo drawing 01

fist attempt at this drawing that sits between axo and perspective its very crude atm

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Some perspective tests

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Manipulating Scale

The stage has no scale until the actor arrives. Much like each of the plinths in Yamasaki’s gridded city. Ever wondered what Yamasaki’s gridded city would have looked like if each of the plinths had been drawn to the same scale?

Perhaps this plan can be used somehow to inform the plan of the stage…


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