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Expand/Contract Time

Here’s a video on The Phantom Time Hypothesis (whereby historian alleges we aren’t in the 21st but in fact 18th century at the moment)

And with regards to the obsessive recording of concerts someone who made use of it below. this guy, Olivier Gondry directed a music video for a track from Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour that features footage shot by 250 audience members put together and, of course, sound edited so hearing it is not as dizzying as watching it! There’s a free app now called yangle which friends can create event-related groups for gathering their recordings (for longer footage than what you similarly can do on snapchat events)


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Exploding a Moment


So I set fire to my own field of oil wells Gulf-War-1.0 style. A few hours of footage including prepping and recording generated from an almost 5 minute burning.

Following our discussion on Friday I focused on using time and points of view/perception as means for generating footage and expanding a moment. In a test I carried out below I recorded the burning of a model oil well by setting up several devices to capture the moment (including iPad, iPhone, GoPro, SLR camera and a webcam recording myself and the other cameras recording the moment). Prior to that I recorded myself in the process of putting together the model oil well. The set up wasn’t limited to expanding the moment in time but also expanding it spatially with a simple mirror set up to create an infinite field of moments.

Below are some sample images from the test: 01_gopro

img_1491 img_1497  02_slr_camera 03_slr_camera

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