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Mincing Facts in Screens _ 3.0



A Film of the set-up

For the third test I linked more than two video call sessions and the location we are transported to, before we loop back to the altar of truth (Trump), is a bit more exoctic this time (think Palomar).

Revelations at tutorials tomorrow. In the meantime … lunch on me to whoever works out the set-up  :)



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Mincing Facts in Screens _ 2.0

An intro image: The Politics of a video call … how Erdogan topples a coup thanks to Face Time!


So following on the mind-bender of last week here’s another image to reconstruct the interiors/exteriors and the final fact of the story. If you can’t work it out visually a brief explanation follows beneath the images.

img_7027 img_7026 img_7023

A film of the set-up

So the incubator babies of the first Gulf War is the fact/lie in this test but I am inclined to weave contemporary one in the next iterations. This test instead of just two linked locations is going through three. Still between two countries (Uk and Cyprus) but from my location, to a room in Cyprus and then inside a metal shipping container (turned tool shed). The narratives are yet to become location-specific in the way that the first fact/lie is transmitted through them but that is the next phase.

Working on another test today to try the location idea again and diagram the ‘construction of fact; more specifically to start building a narrative with actions/dialogues at each screen location. The outcome is brief and fairly direct but the set-up logistics need working on. Any feedback is welcome.

Some fun Baroque plans (since we refered to Bernini and Borromini last time)


Inside? Outside? This cross design of a city at the sea (Ancona) by Bernardo Antonio Vittone, an Italian architect of the Rococo period, won the first price in the Concorso Clementino in 1732. The fountain in the middle was a copy of Bernini’s ‘Four Rivers’ fountain on the Piazza Navona in Rome.

m-140e60968f9730bd323 baroque-41-638 1904borrominiquattroplan fa534192ea02f1f80cf0496c5d690255 047700e28fa562379063f01da074461d

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