Surface Treatment

test_13test_9 test_11I have been working on the surfaces of the larger telescape iteriors to express the formal/material argument of surface before I overlay the screens and the narratives they will display.


For tomorrow we can discuss the progress on the model together with the new script I’m writing for the next version of the film [to post later]



Some references to start bringing into the wider argument of fact/fiction, surface and nested screens:


The bizarre world of Netflix VR and the nesting of virtual screens within screens.


They Live (1988) which I mentioned before where the main character can ‘read’ the truth behind the media/advertisements we are exposed to – clip below:



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2 Responses to Surface Treatment

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    This remind me of this project I saw years ago :

    The full elevation is quite a thing :

    if i remember correctly he argued in favour of a come back to ornament in architecture – notably because robotique fabrication can sculpt stone and others quite easily now.

    perhaps the same argument apply for the making of screens and LEDs ?

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Yes! I totally forgot about this project! Thanks Maxime will look into him more specifically, but yeap the ‘design of surface as ornament-revival’ could very much tie in with the screen as an apparatus for turning media into ornaments most certainly :)