Super Mason




Thinking further on how to develop the architect into the hero’s journey, I am imagining a series of worlds that are formed like coins, on which the duality of the everyday and the special world is visualised. Alternatively, it could also be a mobius strip where the hero repeats his journey again and again.

I am also trying to escape the super-mario style, and try to develop my own.

The three modes that drive every world is:

1. The environment / the space of production

2. The tools / the method of production

3. The product / drawing, 3d prototype or building

Each world has a different apparatus that drives them:

Materiality, Light, Time, Law, Gravity, Architectural Ground, etc…

All of these modes have changed the nature of the architectural professionFor example, the mason becomes a super-mason or architect (>architekton, αρχιτέκτων, archi-mason)

In the end, the hero does not save or change the world but develops an understanding of it.


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