Speaking of Nightmares


Happy Halloween Emma and all! Also happy International Magic Day! ( trivia: Houdini died at 1:26pm on October 31st, 1926 and since magicians celebrated Houdini Day which later became International Magic Day coupled with the Halloween celebrations)

Here’s a reference I was told of over the weekend; polish artist Zdzisław Beksinski if anyone ever came across his eerie work.

Essentially he seems to be a ‘colourful C.G.Giger’. His works of fantastic realism feature surreal apocalyptic landscapes.

beksinski-x6 zdzislaw-beksinski-polish-art zdzisa1 s-2252

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One Response to Speaking of Nightmares

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    Oh dear, Beksinski…. this was actually not only surrealism, he was painting his own dreams (or should I say nightmares). His work is amazing.