Shit in the Sky

I found this website (link above), which I found it quite funny. The author’s comments after every render show how renders sometimes show absurd and weird moments.

For me, focusing on standardisation, it also shows the standard features of selling a project through a render. Perhaps it’s the legacy of Julius Shulman? Green rooftops, light transparent structures, bright spaces, etc. There is also a small selection of occupiers that seem to repeat themselves in different renders, as they are all found online.

The same idea was also conveyed by the work of Aaron Williamson who was part of yesterday’s lecture at the AA. He created the “Average Jo/e Modelling Agency”, where he tried to show the absurd standards of users portrayed in renders. According to him, there is always someone looking inside a shopping bag, someone on his phone, and people sitting together but not looking at each other. The two photos below are from his work.

Image result for aaron williamson average jo/e

Image result for aaron williamson average jo/e

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