Sharpening the Argument

WHAT // Surface World

WHY // The FACTory of memory/history in Telescapes – The eradication of space by surface

HOW // A film on the architecture of a surface universe

We are far beyond other mediums usurping architecture as the prime conveyor of information. Architectural form as a representation of memory has radically shifted. What we are moving towards is the flattening of space altogether.

We constantly curate and perceive our world on screens. Six and a half hours per day is the average screen-time of 5 to 16 year olds (3 whole years by the time one is 20) – tv, game consoles, mobiles, computers or tablets. The atlases of the world.

The spectacular nature of media is a condition that turns the images (be it of distant war, of a Trump/a Putin/or Kardashian) into an aesthetic overlay – a spectacle that we receive in state of distraction – how Walter Benjamin referred to the state in which the masses perceive architecture. Or how Frank Lloyd Wright described the television as chewing gum for the eyes.

The discussion surrounding the Telescape is not to fetishize technology, to be technophobic or to consider devices as visual gimmicks within architectural discourse. It is about the SITE of surface itself becoming an increasingly dominant place via which our perception of the world is conducted and where memory and knowledge are formulated today.

The factual origins of stories become irrelevant in the screen. The relativistic argument that often fascinates and drives conceptual projects on what is real or not is done. It was the matrix, it was the 90s. Today the exercise is one of omitting visual information and condensing the fragments into a curated narrative of surfaces.

The aesthetic nature of fact-creation in the Telescape relates back to a scene in Victor Hugo’s  Hunchback of Notre Dame, where Frolo realises how ‘This will kill that” when he refers to the printing press killing the cathedral, as a mnemonic device. If we parallel this to the Telescape it is a case of surface killing volume –  a world minus the z-axis.


I’m working on the film narrative structure and storyboard, the issue I am considering is how my rendition of a surface universe is to avoid my argument falling into something akin to the gimmicky add by LG below.

The future of Screens – 2020 Olympics in 8K

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