Oily Domesticity

The banal narratives of oil. The domestic reality of petrochemical dependency will be minced into the war narrative as the new iteration of the film.

The long section is an idea for a series of such images that we will be ‘scrolling’ over in the film alongside other footage. Here we have the evian freighter delivering globally.

2017-03-1300_Evian 00_Evian_Oil01_Dessert_Oil 01_Main_Oil

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2 Responses to Oily Domesticity

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    try a top view camera for the dinner settings. Might be more effective and EVEN MORE disgusting. These are powerful but you’ll need masterful photoshoot lighting to make them the best possible version of themselves. Also, take the blue out of the images when you get a chance.

    • Nicholas Zembashi says:

      Of course will do thanks! Will play around with them in the film sequence I have the entire set filmed as they are flooded with the oil progressively.