New Forms of Footage


Have been thinking of different kinds of footage to add to the screens that I will be overlaying over my past jury’s film. Thanks to a great reference Sebastian sent of CNN 360 videos, some quite compelling ones from the battle of Mosul could come into the narrative and allude to interactivity and a different kind of spatial flattening.

Here is a link below but for the 360 to work it needs to be in a chrome browser.

Facebook 360 hashtag – Scroll Down for ISIS Mosul videos

CNN 360 – which may not available on some devices

Finally, fine tuning the script and for the next steps planning to test the layering of screens over screens physically.

Here’s another crazy story of fiction turning into fact with dire consequences incase you haven’t heard of PIZZAGATE:

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One Response to New Forms of Footage

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    YOU ARE BUILDING A NEWS DESK IN TERM 2. just sayin’. start measuring wood. start rendering your backdrop.