Mincing Facts in Screens _ 3.0



A Film of the set-up

For the third test I linked more than two video call sessions and the location we are transported to, before we loop back to the altar of truth (Trump), is a bit more exoctic this time (think Palomar).

Revelations at tutorials tomorrow. In the meantime … lunch on me to whoever works out the set-up  :)



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2 Responses to Mincing Facts in Screens _ 3.0

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    for some reason i’m not able to load the video – will try again later. But can you think of a clear way to draw the inversions? reminder me to show you a drawing Eleanor did a couple of years ago along similar lines and they were quite spatial. I know it’s not a drawing project, but if don’t well, could be a really important one for the proj.

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    I was just re-editting the video in the previous post maybe that’s why it didn’t play? Yes that would be the next phase to use drawing precisely as a device to plan the entire construction and deconstruction. A much more advanced and nicely put together version of the diagram I showed last time as a linear sketch to incorporate both location and narrative elements as well as one that shows the frontal of all screens just like we see them in these images but if I start planning exactly what is to be seen where then I can reverse engineer and set-up the video calls and entire series super specific.

    Cool though looking forward to seeing Eleanor’s drawing then and we can discuss further tomorrow thanks!