Latest Game Update and Reflections

This is the last video that I showed in the jury.

I think the jury revealed the problems that my project has at the moment. It is too general that I am trying to cover a large area of ideas unsuccessfully. In the presentation, although I tried to avoid my old history lecture, the video game’s tools still do that.

My project is not about the democratisation of design or the involvement of non-architects in the process. I am interested in understanding the software that architects use to produce and propose alternatives.

The phallic towers that appear with the chaos button are an allegory of those alternatives and that experimentation.

So i think i need to turn my ts towards experimental methods of production and move away from the historical analysis. In the same way my design project should move away from the criticism of contemporary architecture.

I really enjoy creating the game, but its purpose is not clear yet. Another next step for the game is to define the rules of the world within.


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