Intro Scene – Enter Telescape

Here are some stills from the intro scene I am currently rendering out:

We enter a screen in the Lecture Hall …TIFF0244

20th century fox search lights, the roaring Lion of Metro Goldwyn Myer …the BBC, ERT, InfoWars, SKY, ITV, CNN etc. appear on screens all over  – these are universally (or at least on national levels) collectively read as INTRO footage – the intro to any STORY – the news supposedly serving up the FACT and the production companies constructing a FICTIONS – recognisable themes from these intros echoe in the seemingly infinite telescape.

2017-05-20 (19)

We keep moving forwards deeper into the space while the camera subtly starts rising. Are we ever going to get out of the space? Is that a hole up right?

2017-05-20 (18)

Oh it might be a way out? A dark opening in space …

2017-05-20 (17)



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