Infinite Landscape and a Teaser


The Fargo “This is a true story”  text is apparently justified to the left in the 90s movie, the recent series is a bit more playful with how the each part appears.

Teaser of the Video I’m working on based on an 8 – 32 square grid which I expand or contract within its framework to make the grid less visually rigid and more of a guide.

img_9208img_9211  img_9205

Below Is the set-up for the infinite Landscape in an hexagonal configuration:

Time-lapse of testing the mirror and landscape set-up (shot from behind the Two-Way mirror)

img_9202 img_9204

img_9173 img_9177img_9196


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5 Responses to Infinite Landscape and a Teaser

  1. Nathan Su says:

    I came across this on the weekend! You may know them already, but if not definitely worth checking out – they reconstruct events (with a focus on war and humanitarian disaster) from comprehensive analysis of found footage and satellite imagery.

    (This video is pretty descriptive, although there’s much more on the rest of their website too!)

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Awesome man thanks! Briefly came across them last year for an essay and totally forgot about them!

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    1. teaser – niiiice.
    2. if you need to set the model @ 90 degrees is fine. Just model the landscape, put a thin coat of plaster over it, and then gigantic quantities of glue and drop sand onto it, will make a suitably sandy landscape.
    3. Miruna referenced this john lewis / moon advert last year – wait until the end to watch the zoom out.
    Here’s the making of – the set scenes start about halfway through
    4. LASTLY, these reconstruction photos are great. (though the website is NOT).
    use this link
    then click PERSONAL, then IKONS. The images are there.

  4. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Awesome will check all of those out!

    Yes i thought about the greenscreen but then not sure about the issue with the mirrors I’ll need to render and match the reflections to any moving shots if not static.

    I have a new idea if we take it back to igniting paper by simulating the erupting fluid in stop motion and burning it ‘ll explain at the tutorial as an option.