Gamification of Life


A game is described by a set of rules that create a world parallel to reality. (Maybe reality is not the right word. I might be using the wrong term)

After research on gaming and its relation to reality, I came across the term gamification which refers to the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Game design has influenced our world is a sense that we see this kind of logic, expanding to fields like education or in social media. In terms of social media, twitter has a become a game by itself. Trying to get another follower, the same way you collect another coin in Super Mario, it’s the idea of action-reward system.

img_2920At the same time, I have been completing my world, which at the moment is planned to be a loop. Through this world, the player explores the connection between eras, architecture “end products” and the tools that created them. What I find important here is the dual existence of the tools and media that we think with, in a sense the language that enable us to create with but at the same time imprison us to think through it (e.g. rhino enables me to create complex forms, but at the same time I imagine forms only through lofting).

I found it in a book to be referred to as the Trojan Horse of Communication. Jacques Lacan names this language/tool as the Symbolic Order. Lacan says that although the symbolic order is a gift of communication for humanity, it is also dangerous as a meaning is dependent on the symbolic system. I do not want to talk about language and symbols, but as a language is a tool and has this fault, the design tools are also faulty.

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