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(below some renders I’ve been trying out in a landscape program Nathan recommended called vue)


We approach an archipelago of stories; a landscape of narrative islands: the Telescape.

An event occurs. It lasts for some time. It begins and it ends. It has a place. It has a scale. It’s drawable, modellable and even tells a story.

Horrific events like Wars happened. Three Kings, Live from Baghdad, The Night Manager, Lessons of Darkness, CNN Live or Jarhead also happened . They claim their own islands in the global historic landscape we have constructed for events. Fact and fiction both aid the construction of the story.

An event broadcasts itself bigger than it is. An entire mythos is forever constructed around it; in our Telescapes this condition is maximised more than ever.


As we traverse 10 light years through time and space an entire broadcasting history leaves a weakened residue in places of which we can only see their past. The earth comes into view and our new digitised signals project silence. Our narrative landscapes are on exclusive bandwidths. More and more of us are looking inwards into the glassy planes of our screens.

We fall into a landscape, a building and a screen; Welcome to the FACTory. Inside the telescape we begin a mincing journey through narrative islands. The mash-up of fact and fiction could have never been so prolific and yet division reigns amidst the confusion of belief. Tribes of followers gather on each island preaching its dogmatic narrative. In the past ancients would pursue the sciences and worship the gods all at once; history and myth, facts and fiction had their islands but could coexist in the same archipelago.


We see glimpses of beauty as well as horror. One island prepares for the end of the world as an other celebrates peace and liberal freedom. News footage appears along side each island or is it footage from film?  We find ourselves in and out of screens in domestic interiors of varying tribal beliefs. And then we travel to landscapes where the consequences of our constructed narrative archipelagos are felt – revolutions for freedom with exuberant auras enabled by the Telescape, while elsewhere wars and pollution scour the earth.

Peruvian soldiers help remove mud from affected houses after a landslide in San Juan de Lurigancho distritct in Lima

Above, recent Peru floods after a severe drought thought to have been influenced by global warming

We find ourselves looking at all the stories compiled in a scroll, a finger swiping down the news feed almost endlessly.




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