Drawing the Film

As discussed last time I’m trying to put together a drawing which spatial the content of my first film into a landscape here is a sketch below. The aim is to create visible non-linearity between spaces of fact and spaces of fiction at different scales. A linear story can only be traced if you try to associate each area with the film (film screenshots below).



The main definitions I’ve posted previously to help focus the thesis:

Footage / A recorded fragment of reality – collected for journalistic purposes

Telescape / An interspatial region facilitating an event seen from a distance (from Greek τελε-). The site of contemporary knowledge and memory

Screen / An apparatus on which telescapes exist and where footage acquires narrative purpose

Mince / An action of editing footage and to reveal by degrees rather than directly (to deceive)

Stir / An action of re-arranging footage and constructing the narrative in a different order

Fact / Constructed by mincing and stirring footage

Fiction / Constructed by mincing and stirring footage

Truthiness / The quality of a constructed fact

Spectacle / The goal for narrative success and reinforcer of truthiness

Time / Exploded by the quantity of footage and compressed by mincing

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