Beautiful and Grotesque Scenes

Everything below are screenshots from dozens of films and clips I’ve been compiling. I am currently trying to formulate a narrative to begin mincing them into a new film. Some are beautiful and some are grotesque beware.


In order to begin thinking of the 3 act narrative of the new film I draw from the book ‘The Myth Gap’ I have been reading to describe the acts as follows:

Act 1: Facing a real Event – describing reality as it is

Act 2: Dealing with the Event – help people face the reality (lamentations)

Act 3: Prophecy – constructing hope for the future

These are very general themes that can propose a new way media-scapes can construct news. Specificity in their content is still needed.

170216_FilmScenes_Page_01 170216_FilmScenes_Page_02 170216_FilmScenes_Page_03 170216_FilmScenes_Page_04 170216_FilmScenes_Page_05 170216_FilmScenes_Page_06 170216_FilmScenes_Page_07 170216_FilmScenes_Page_08 170216_FilmScenes_Page_09 170216_FilmScenes_Page_10 170216_FilmScenes_Page_11 170216_FilmScenes_Page_12 170216_FilmScenes_Page_13 170216_FilmScenes_Page_14

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One Response to Beautiful and Grotesque Scenes

  1. Etienne Gilly says:

    This video ( remind me of some of the footage you describe here. Lot of close-up, large landscape, B&W slow-mo… have a look ! Also this one is nice :