Authorship and Collaborative Production

After Friday’s tutorials I started looking more at the collaborative mode of architectural production and its relationship to craftsmanship.

The idea of the collaborative started on Mario Carpo’s idea of the digital object. The contemporary architecture project is a digital object, never complete, always in the process of creating. I believe that this model of production is going to change architecture and displace the architect from his authorial position, reducing him to a collective of craftsmen.

That shift is heavily influenced by technology, and has been questioned before by previous generations based on other technologies. Specifically, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy produced a series of paintings over the phone, questioning the idea of authorship in art.



In the same way, can you use digital tools in producing architecture? It would be interesting to use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to produce architecture. The following image is Aaron Koblin’s work, when he asked Mechanical Turk workers to draw a sheep, a reference that Nathan showed us on Friday.



Following from Moholy-Nagy, I am interested to look into the Isokon Building (which someone from the unit presented last week), the iconic modernist building that experimented with a modern way of living. Famous residents have been Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Agatha Christie and of course Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. I might also visited next weekend because apparently it’s only open from March to the end of October, only in the weekends.


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