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Post Final Jury

I’ve been rethinking the end of my presentation detaching it from the black hole and orientation the focus to the final model. It needs to be more integrated into the discussion and presentation.It is a world generator where different scenarios happen simultaneously and creates juxtapositions where all objects can be seen from every angle.

I photographed the model and tried opening it in different ways :




Previous images:


IMG_3502 IMG_3506


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More details




previous tests:


IMG_3471 copy

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World 1 / 2.0

I have been testing out the different colours, paper thicknesses,  and layers of the drawings… Will show the Poped version tomorrow !


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 20.50.26


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narrative pop

IMG_3330 (1)


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4 worlds

After having made the puzzle template of the narratives, inspired by the tree of codes, I’m working on 4 worlds on which the project sits in: World 1: Lisette and Sami’s normal life routine // World 2: the Cosmic Crime // World 3: The black hole world // World 4: The book and it’s library.

World 1 consists of the everyday places and activities : coffee shop, ponga jungle, lighthouse, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom , sea ..

pop narratives


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City of Gaps

I’ve been mainly working on polishing/resizing the book in A2 square format (more like 40 cmx40cm) . I finally got hold of the book the tree of codes again , I will be carving out all of my 16 designed narratives for the book following a similar strategy.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I am also working on a final pop city of Lisette’s world   that will have the same format 40×40 cm square( as the laser-cutting template is 800mmx450mm). A world without transportation where there are no streets, no stairs, no roads… it only has different rooms, landscapes, and places that emphasise on the unexpected jumps  …

The aim for this piece is to be a tool that enacts the world that I am talking about rather then a representation of it. Similarly to how you can construct multiple stories in my book, the pop will aim to unfold in different directions and collapse around itself.

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Heloo term 3 !

After our amazing trip to Peru, what was clearly striking is the drastic change of landscapes within a close proximity. It was incredible to be in the amazon jungle of Machu Picchu, so wet and green, and a couple of days later in  the dry desert while understanding their closeness in scale!

Probably one of the the craziest shifts of worlds on our plant earth ….. To juxtapose these opposite landscapes together is a form of Black hole.  It is an unexpected jump from one world to another within a short distance. Something that helps understanding the gateway within a black hole and the scale of  the journey ….

I am working on representing that shift/moment within my book with a black funnel connection.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset  Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset  Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

What I am thinking about for this term is to make a new book that unfolds into a  space… still thinking of the overall connecting shape of the fragmented scenes/pops. The shape will be of a possible architecture that reflects the knowledge and ideologies of the black hole.I’m still thinking about carving as a visual language , where you always see the negative of the paper , the void of the drawing .

You don’t fully understand a universe, without the importance of it’s black holes. Every universe or world is governed by it on a big scale and a small scale . I will try to transcribe the qualities of  the bh on different scales and it will take different forms in my world such as: -The flip of the page //the unexpected jumps//An actual black hole funnel//Black hole circle (literally)//The cut outs of paper within the pages, the voids within the library//The  narrative …

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Workshop/ end of term

workshop image 3workshop image 2

workshop issmage 1


images of the term 2 model:


Video of the world collapsing:

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Here are some images of the lectures at imperial



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Cosmic crime

After talking to the professor, the discussion added a layer of reality to the project, from it I will combine science with fiction.


-The professor and his explanations are realities.

-The Black hole is a reality (even though it’s stranger then fiction)

– The book is a reality


-Lisette and Sami, my characters and their lives are fiction.

-Pop ups are fiction

I then juxtapose the fictitious narrative of my characters VS the reality of the book and of the Black hole.

The story will revolve around a Cosmic Crime, and around the black hole and the book itself. I will use science to solve the crime. The book cannot be linear, because it’s a universe where you float within it, you’re travelling trough it in space-time, you see the present and the past, the future. The black hole is the part connecting the pages of the book, and the book itself is a black hole that falls back into a library, where the library is the Universe.

But if the book is the black hole what is it’s event horizon?(it’s tipping point, it’s point of no return).The event horizon appears in the story where all the facts of the crime have collapsed, a dead end an unsolvable case, that gets sucked into a singularity point into one direction, into a black hole. After having crossed that event horizon, we loose all the information and hope. The story goes on by contradicting itself where actually not everything has been sucked in, the crime was trying to be solved but they missed out on something, a clue, an emission of radiation, With the help of a brilliant professor he helps them solve the real Crime, that enlightened them to look at so many other clues and factors. (Similarly to when Stephan Hawking’s first theory that said if something goes inside a black hole it can’t come back out but he later on contradicted himself, proving the opposite of his theory or surpassed it by incorporating a little bit of quantum theory, with general relativity, proving that Black hole start behaving like objects they start radiating . Information cannot completely die, it gets emitted…) . The story  therefore cannot die, with the emission of radiation. Even the black hole brings prosperity.

List of the scientific terminology of the Black hole that will feature in the story:


-Sharzchild radius

-Event horizon.


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Library Factory/ Library Universe

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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I’m looking at different folding techniques for the book synchronised with the performance:


I’m preparing for my chat with Professor Jerome Guantellet on Wednesday, he was the theoretical physics consultant for the film The Theory of Everything. I’m adding new moments to the narrative, such as ”Lisette goes to visit the professor  ..”  “Any matter could become a black hole if you would crush it beyond it’s Schwarzschild radius (scene of crushing the diamond)  ..”

Here is a great moment/transition in the film:

“The star gets smaller smaller … the star in fact gets denser as atoms even  sub-atomic particles get literally crushed into smaller and smaller space. And at it’s end point what are we left with? A space-time singularity. Space and time come to a stop…….  I wonder what would happen if you applied Penrose’s theory about black holes to the entire universe?”


One last thing, Portable Black hole carpet!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Bird book

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Expanding the library

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset   Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset  Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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More pops

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset   Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Drawing the gaps

I’ve been learning how to s draw the gaps, the lines represent the mass and voids.The holes/gaps is what makes the drawing spatial.


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Circular Focus

I’ve been questioning the paradox in my project of the non-linear/ linearity of the narrative. I’m trying to rethink and focus on everything within the book as a circular loop.

-Circular space: I’m working on a pop up where the space unfolds in different directions, with a play of  stairways, doors, mirrored rooms..etc..

IMG_0427 IMG_0432


-Circular story: The story as s circular narrative where the end brings you back to the beginning, every story could read to where it initially began.This brings me to think of  introducing the theme of life and death in the story. In the poem of John Hedjuck “The sleep of Adam” the author personifies death, which got me thinking of increasing the awareness of the black hole within the story and maybe even personifying the hole which could therefore take a step beyond controlling the narrative , by actually being a character itself?   The only thing that progresses within the story is time, the rest falls in a loop.The book shouldn’t have a front and back cover? It starts automatically with the story…The book can’t be shelved at the end of the story within a library, It needs to be constantly shelved and unshelved… If that makes any sense…

The book evolves into a hybrid medium,here is a nice Ted Talk on rethinking the interaction with books :

-Funny  Palindromes (phrase which reads the same backward or forward):

Madam I’m Adam //  Air an aria // No lemon, no melon // Are we not drawn onward to new era? // A Santa at Nasa //  Ah, Satan sees Natasha! (sorry about that one )

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paper architecture

I am currently trying out some architecture pop up tests:

IMG_0437 IMG_0434


Here are some great examples:

CIMG7850_2 yoshinobu_miyamoto 1

….more on the black hole:

”Black holes we believe are produced by the collapse of the core of  a massive star something like 30 times the mass of the sun.When it comes at the end of it’s lifetime the massive star burns  its core and comes a point where it can no longer hold itself, it creates a black hole and at the same time a supernova.

The supermassive black hole in our galaxy is nibbling on other cosmic matters, its inactive compared to other black holes, our galaxy has very little gas at its’s centre, so it doesn’t really have much to feed on. Its going on a starvation diet…”

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As on observer  , the way you get sucked in  is quite strange, it’s not a quick process you are slowly dragged towards the hole  until you reach the point know as the event horizon : The point of no return where you suddenly disappear  and fade into nothingness.

The more you get closer to singularity, the more significant is the distant in gravitational pull. You body is stretched/ torn towards the singularly:



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I found this mini Micromégas book this weekend in my messy drawer while looking for something else! Completely forgot that I bought this years ago- it’s definitely  featuring in a scene now … 

IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0375


I am currently working on scenes of Lisette going inside a black hole, will post the sequence shortly

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script/ thoughts

 I am rewriting the script/performance, its a bit hard to understand it without the scenes, and booklets….script-1 script-2

 Yesterday’s test star map/ mind map:

I am creating my own stippling technique.This technique clearly shows the relationship of the small/large. Instead of the dots being the matter in the drawing they are the voids.The only matter or “texture” is the aquarelle wash merging all the black holes together. IMG_0365 IMG_0366

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M82 X-1/ scale



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Cataloguing Gillian Hopwood’s theatre

Gillian Hopwood,of the influential Nigerian firm of architects Godwin and Hopwood  recently donated her models and original drawings to the AA Archives that have not yet been documented. In her 4th year at the AA she designed a theatre.

Here are some images of the model I took earlier today:

IMG_0104 IMG_0198 IMG_0195 IMG_0182 IMG_0181

The project also featured apparently in this magazine in 1949:

AA Theatre School050

AA Theatre School051

AA Theatre School052

Model exhibited in 1949 at the AA:

AA Theatre School049

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I’ve been looking at the stippling drawing technique for my drawings:

Hand drawn trials:


Some digital trials:



Here is a cool reference mentioned by Natasha on Tuesday of a great stippling artist CJ Hendry:



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Book Burning / bh in libraries

I am working on cataloguing different types of Black holes…

Specifically in the AA library, I am in the process of Cataloguing uncatalogued old projects with Ed Buttoms (60% of the AA archive is not catalogued)

-Book burning/ A memorial to the Nazi book burning by Micha Ullman set into the Bebelplatz,Germany



In 1933, Nazis burned works considered “un-German”, at the library of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin.


pile-burns (1)

Cataloguing some libraries destroyed in the past:


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Digital black hole

So how will future historians and biographers piece together our lives and times without bundles of diaries, paper letters and professional correspondence? Family photos and emails are important to us personally, but what about more significant losses of our collective heritage? How do we preserve our interaction on Facebook, Twitter, comment threads and citizen journalism across the web? And does the “grey literature” of official reports, briefings and policy statements that are only published online also risk being lost to the future?

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 17.20.39

Documenting some of the white book within the book:

IMG_0260 IMG_0261

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helloo 2017

Some spreads of the white book: processbook3 processbook4 processbook5 processbook6

I’ve been looking at Digital Black holes in the web. The huge mass and quantity of Data collection and the information loss.

A really good video on the BBC of Libraries trying to save websites from ‘digital black hole:

“There is a common belief that the average life of a webpage is only 75 days, so much material has already been lost into a digital black hole….”

The OCLC (The Online Computer Library Center) is a non  profit computer service and research organization whose systems help libraries locate, acquire, catalog, and lend library materials. I have been exchanging emails with the OCLC regarding their event held in Edinburgh: Is there a Library-Shaped Black hole in the web?

Here are two great books that I’ve been reading over the break, they might come in very handy for the development of the narrative.

1389885_3283776 micromegas afterlife3.indd

Micromégas is a  philosophical tale written by Voltaire in 1752.The story talks about  ‘s travels an inhabitant of one of the planets that orbits Sirius. He travels around the Universe in a journey developing his intellect and spirit.


Another good book, that explains in a humours way the black hole phenomena.

To develop further, Inspired by Micromegas I am thinking about my story becoming a philosophical tale as a narrative genre.  One of the striking thing of these books is the unperceivable scale and time that are used to explain the stories:” Micormegas world is 21.6 million times greater in circumference than theEarth“…”When he is almost 450 years old…” After a 200-year trial, he is banished from the court for a term of 800 years….” “He has 72 seances…” “The black hole is 17 billion times larger then the sun”….

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paper model in progress

I am working on  a paper model which has the same language as the book, and that will appear in the book scenes.



Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.48.23.png


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Down the memory hole


In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the memory hole is a mechanism for removing embarrassing documents, previous crimes and inconvenient bungles. Old documents are revised, and the original copies are consigned to the memory hole where “not even the ash remains”. It is a mechanism for “smoothing over” the actions of leadership. It is a mechanism of censorship. It is about collective amnesia.

In Part One, Chapter Four, of 1984, the reader is first introduced to the memory hole. These holes are prevalent in the Ministry of Truth, where Winston works, and are used for destroying scraps of paper. These scraps, however, contain documents from the past and are transported via the memory hole to the “enormous furnaces which were hidden somewhere in the recesses of the building.”

The memory hole, then, is a symbol of the party’s control over information. As we see in Chapter Four, Winston destroys documents from the past, like the claim that the party would not reduce the chocolate ration, and replaces them with party-approved information. In the case of the chocolate ration, for instance, Winston creates a new document which states that a ration would “probably be necessary in April.” This not only boosts the prestige of the party but also makes it appear as though Big Brother has the interests of the people at heart.

In the wider context of the novel, the memory hole also represents the party’s ability to control the past. By destroying memories and installing new ones, the party moulds and shapes popular understanding of Oceania’s history. The problem with accepting the party’s version of history, however, is that people will come to accept anything that the party tells them.

Im pushing the narrative of the hole that is just not a hole but as a hyperlinking element and as a tool to destroy and create narratives I will explain more tomorrow.

“As our circle of knowledge Expands , so does the circumference of Darkness surrounding it” -Albert Einstein

The knowledge that we have can be analogous to a circle. Inside the circle is what we know and what we call knowledge; outside the circle is what we don’t know and need to explore.

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Updates on the scenes



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I have been looking at adding more descriptive pages, this sequence classifies the different varieties of ferns


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Diamond batteries

The diamond age of power generation, a cool article  and a short movie that was posted two days ago:


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The black hole library

The index of infinite stories.

Books by themselves are already tools that transport you to another universe.Books let you travel without moving your feet , the flip of the page within a book is what transports you from one place to another. My basic element is the page, the play and combination of pages create the stories.

After Friday’s tutorial I have been looking at the narrative within the book and the narrative the book sits in.

-Narrative within the book :I will start by zooming in the narratives within the book , where different forms of black holes will take you trough  the scene jumps.

Book index//  Story of a murder : Lisette protects her son: pages 6, 10,12 ,2 3, 2,20,19, 6, 3.                           Story of a simple day,pages 10, 31, 2, 6, 30, 10 , 8                                                                             Story on agriculture:pages 3,6,8,4,22,25,16                                                                                       Story on oblivion:pages 24,28,3,1,5,17,12,18,19,22                                                                           ………

-Narrative where the book sits in (narrative of the project):  The book is a manual of communication its purpose is to combine different number of pages to create infinite stories .The book becomes a library of knowledge. The more we learn the more we realise we don’t know. The way you operate it generates the combinations to transmit information/stories.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” -Jorges Louis Borges

Another thing I have been thinking about are ways of increasing the performance and my interaction as well as the audience’s interaction with the book. I will push this with these three ways:

-Smell:In order to find the path within the book, smell can be an added element.The hole smells and triggers memory, that will remind the user (me) to jump to a specific page.

img_9768 img_9773 img_9774


Within the scenes: fragments scenes, and fragments of pages that can be added to the book and change the stories discourse.


Added objects: How can add an object that could effect the page? Perhaps by adding the smallest element with the heaviest mass, (black hole effect) check out this video:


Sequence of multiple frames to add the notion of time, here is a great Manga reference mentioned by Maxime:


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New speards

The book is becoming an object that grows endlessly, in which I construct the scene jumps and the  narrative connections. I am still working on some new scenes where the hole interacts with the image itself.  If it’s not a black hole then what is it?


It actually is one


space odyssey monolith scene


Infinite library


I went on a treasure hunt and for a chat with Ed bottoms in the archives this morning. I am currently trying to collect some AA archived drawings to insert them within the narrative of my book. Before the restauration of the library they found lots of hidden documents. The AA storage area is a black hole,where sometimes instead of  documenting the knowledge its lost.

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Great video

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I’ve been exploring more relationships of the scenes with the object. The hole interacts with the characters and is part of the story.


What if the hole disappears and becomes something you can’t see?where you feel the attraction without seeing the object? where you could only identify it by things pulled around it…. I’ve been looking at the magnetic pull, here are some beautiful images of the magnetic field.

 4966710515_3738a498f9_b 4966713235_c8fe88d694_b_905 4967309174_ae5c31ab2d_b_905 4967316784_c69671517b_b_905

I have also been polishing the jury book …More to come tomorrow!

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After Tuesday’s jury, I have been thinking about the connection of the hyper object with the existing story scenes/ narrative.

I have been reading more about the notions of a hyper objects. Here is what I found as a possible explanation for my hyperoject/hole :

It is an element that travels through space and time, It decontextulises the image or scene it is “Something that can be in more than one place at once” as the filmmaker Gabriel Shalom defines. It is too massive and long-“lived” for our minds to comprehend.The holes used in the scenes add ambiguity to the image but in the same time they are gateways, links to other scenes.

This is a great  reference  mentioned in the jury about the led Zepplin Object used for the “Presence” album:

lz-presence-cover led-zeppelin-presence-3-1

Also, here is a lecture about Charles Arsene Henry that Anatol has mentioned where he links two of my diamonds in his description:

Moving forward, I am going to stick with “the holes” as the singular element of transport. Instead of it taking you through random scenes I am now working on a more elaborate narrative that could incorporate time transporting you from past to future. Perhaps an element of memory trigger..


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scenes in process

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-16-31-52sheet 2 sheet 1

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The unexpected jumps

After fridays’s tutorial I’ve been looking at different “gateways” that lead to the unexpected jumps.

1. The Frame /2.The funnel/3.Water/ 4.The camera Obscura/hole in the wall.

Here is one world using the Frame:


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Types of jump

I have been looking at different forms of jumping space/ideas/objects.These photos are part of the last chapter of the narrative.




Emma that’s your elephant in the back:)




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The bar question: what am I doing and why?

Following my interests on the black hole, I am looking at how to visualise it’s magic like qualities and the sudden disappearance of information that reappear somewhere else and linking it to my own universe.

Table of content:


-The cosmic explosion.

-The shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

-Tipping point: how infinite small things create a big impact.

2-Total disorder: Chaos.

-The definable versus the indefinable, things we understand versus things we can’t comprehend.

-Epidemics and viruses.

 3-The Jump

-Space and time jumping, balancing the small and the gigantic.(the great equation)

-Ideas are alive they do have a conscious; they travel and move from soul to soul.

-Perceiving the shooting thoughts that enter my mind.


-Forgetting is water, its what we forget that defines us.


5- Sucked in/Rebirth:

-From the outside you cant tell what is inside a black hole.You can throw pens, diamond rings, or even your worst enemies in the black hole, and all the black hole will remember is its quantum mass.

-If you fall towards a black hole feet first, gravity will pull harder on your feet than your head, because they are nearer to the black hole. The result is you will be stretched out long ways and squashed sideways.

-You have disappeared; there is no way back, a loophole in which you are dragged in that brings you back to the beginning of the book.


I will try to examine the relationship between the small and the large, the explicable versus the inexplicable such as things we see versus things we can’t understand. Ideas that pop in and out and that disappear.I will attempt to explain these ideas in this book linking it to the black hole and its unexpected qualities. The black hole is therefore the apparatus of the book and the tool to explain the ideas.


My book is like a Klein bottle:

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Popping up my universe

After last Tuesday’s tutorial I’ve been looking at how to make a pop up book.I am still experimenting with different paper engineering technics..


I’ve been looking at the cosmic calendar shrunk into a year as an inspiration for my chapters:





5-Sucked in/ rebirth?



Labyrinth of knowledge:

Also here are some beautiful images of an exhibition-maze at the royal festival hall in London.

211362954 601042835 731972721


More cones:

render234  black-hole-12  render-3render2black-holess

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Processing ideas/ construction of knowledge

After Friday’s tutorial I started looking at origami folding paper models representing the process of ideas appearing and disappearing/fold and unfold:

more experiments to come!

Construction of my own archive:

Ideas, travel , jump, pop in your head to sometimes stay and be regenerated or to disappear, like black holes entering your universe. Every day information adds to your own knowledge, information that didn’t exist before.Can the black hole be the apparatus of the mind of an architect?Imagine if you can perceive the shooting thoughts  that enter your mind and understand their impact and speed?

I am currently working on a movie that could represent that…

More finds on the black hole:

-An event horizon in a balk hole is defined as “the point of no return”. This idea was updated recently but the Hawking team saying that there could be a release of information when the black hole evaporates.


“Black holes theoretically suck in everything around them, including light, causing information to be lost, forever. But back in the 70’s Hawking and colleagues discovered that some information escapes…but the information that escapes is not enough to describe everything that was eaten by a given black hole, so, the question remains, what happens to the rest of the information when the black hole dies?”

Read more at:

-The black hole is  the apparatus of the creation of the universe:

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Format trial- Visual jump

A small trial of last friday ,using the story of one of my existing diamonds : Luis bargain transformed into a diamond.

I emphasised on the “white space” of the page where your eyes wonder freely jumping from an image to a word ….

page-1-diamon page-2 page-3

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Visual black hole

The black hole as an instrument that creates multiple narratives. A journey reaching a tipping point , a crisis moment where everything inverts and creates infinite possibilities.


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Small glass spheres that contain entire solar systems and galaxies.

Artist Satoshi Tomizu sculpts small glass spheres, photographed here in a macro view. Planets made of opals, flecks of real gold, and trails of colored glass seem to spin and loop like twists in the Milky Way.

planets-galaxy-glass-pendants-space-glass-satoshi-tomizu-7 planets-6planets-10planets-1


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