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White book + totem update

white book2 white book



Working on the white book including the presentation

size: 230 x 310mm


pages: 58 in 28 spreads


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Final Tables dip9


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Script in the making

  1. Renzo Piano 2:07-2:29





  1. David Chipperfield



  1. Michele De lucchi 2.06-2.29

Quando scegliamo le cose, quando facciamo le cose a mano, ci mettiamo del tempo. Ecco, ogni livello ha bisogno del suo tempo, personalmente, l’ultimo playfield del mio pinball ci ho messo 10 anni. E’ un lavoro laborioso che però ti fa entrare in contatto con la tua parte razionale e quella dettata dal tempo, che non puoi controllare.




  1. Kengo Kuma



  1. Hans Ulrich in conversation with Jacques Herzog



H: While the history of exhibitions has started, in this last decade, to be examined more in depth, what remains largely unexplored are the ties that interconnected manifestations have created among curators, pinballs, and architects.


J:  I cannot stress enough the remarkable achievements of the introduction of the pinball machine as a method of production. Nowadays, architecture has become “a patchwork of fragments,” underlining a network of relationships within the art, the design, the curatorial side..


H: The machines let you explore the world of art and view it as an open system.


J: Indeed. It is a system in progress where individual instructions can open empty spaces for occupation and invoke possibilities for the interpretations and rephrasing of artworks in a totally free manner.



  1. Atelier Bow-Wow ( Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kajima)


How did we decided to collaborate together? Ahahah It was a fun game. We used to play in out studios, next to each other. And she always used to ask me can you please pass me that fragment please? So I can add it to my collection? And I had a clear vision of my project until then, but then I decided to exchange fragments and the project actually became something else. It just evolved naturally. So at that point I understood that I needed her in my project as well. We opened a studio together.



7.Kazuyo Sejima


So when I was a child, by chance, I saw my mother’s playing with the machine and there was a peephole, which always intrigued me. When I used to look inside, it let the light comes in and it made beautiful shadows of the space inside. These were like large windows allow natural light to enter a space and create an fluid transition between interior and exterior. It is this connection of two spaces from which was my inspiration for years to come.

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To infinity and beyond

Mood of the last days!


last days


1. Picking up drawings all printed

2. Models to 3d print in the morning 3 or 4 left. final day

3. Assembling lights, bridges and sort it out the major ball rolling

4. side of the pinball to be painted?

5. Video editing and recording of audio

6. Speech and presentation


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Fisheye + video editing

fisheye manifesto

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Machine + drawings

20160607_190238 20160608_114938 20160608_115119 20160608_115125 20160608_115128 20160609_114749 IMG-20160608-WA0014 IMG-20160609-WA0002

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Speculation-Another day in the studio!

A new way of working

another day in the studio


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Manifesto + last drawings


I am working on the manifesto drawing and then the last one with all machines in a row.

From tomorrow:

1. Mirror and islands

2. Models in 3d

3. Lasercut files for models

4. Drawings to print

5. Video to do. I started downloading some bits and pieces, I have it on my mind. Hopefully it will come out!

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Sabs/Escher loop

esher sabs

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new2 new

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Third view


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New views of the machine

wip2 wip

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From 3d to drawing

new New view in da making.

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3d modelling disaster-HELP NEEDED

It seems that there is no way of having these pieces printed in 3d. I am thinking right now at other possibilities. I will try to lasercut it on Tuesday morning as much as possible. I would like to start drawing as well one big section of the machine. No updates. sad times.

machine 100- sabs- 0

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So I really need a backup plan as I will NEVER make it on time at this paste. Every piece takes a day or more. I need to cut every piece in 3 smaller pieces and it is just mental. I managed to go to the Bartlett where it is open tomorrow and bank holiday as well. so I will try there and I have booked one at school on Tuesday. I went to Imakr in clerkenwell where the guy is SERIOUSLY HOT. and I will pay some pieces to do there. I am going to this guy tonight who has this 3d printer as well.

The only solution is to 3d print the weird shapes and then the rest by lasercut so this is taking me quite a long time. Good side of the story, having this 3d model I can make2d drawings. I will have a trial tonight. Updates tomorrow.20160528_154143 20160527_170319 (1) 20160527_170316

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jump3 jump2 jump1

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bridges in the making


It diverted a bit from the TS bridges.. hopefully there would be enough hints in there anyway!

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Bridges-crazy balls/marbles level

marblesbridges first layer

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Island level

20160525_161741 20160525_161853 20160525_161908 20160525_171551 20160525_171607 20160525_171945 20160525_171951

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Morris Lapidus new entry + new plan to follow!

Immagine2 Immaginequote-if-you-create-the-stage-setting-and-it-is-grand-everyone-who-enters-will-play-their-morris-lapidus-112-24-62 Immagine3


I need to do something between:

this and this and this!! so basically i need this!!!!!! OMG THIS

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Updated speech of today’s presentation + island plan




Few questions which I found on a piece of paper in the room!

Are you the ball? who is playing? What the flipper DOES FOR me? is it an artifact of the process? or every process? does every architect has a pinball?

YOU have created an archifact on what is considered chance.

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Island Part II

Creating landform and therefore an atlas of ideologies. Every cluster is committed to an idea.Each island offers a stage.

The earth is a collection of islands in a atlas wit no beginning nor end.


The first land that we encounter is the ontological island. It is the study of being as such. The very primary idea of its geographical condition. Which is not a static, but actually, it is one of the most movement actions on earth. What we see today, it is the outcome of thousands of years of continental drift. Of movement of the tectonic plates which carved the land where we stand.


When we talk about land, we mostly talk about its topographical condition, either a graphic representation of the surface, description or an analysis of a structured entity, showing the relations among its components, depicting the idea of scale; recognizing a village, a town, a city. This island gives us coordinates, points of reference to recognize where we are. We clearly differentiate from the edge to the land to its interiority.


If we start digging more, it is possible as well to recognize a distinction between islands, the one who are laying on the continent’s shelf, and the oceanic islands. Or islands which are continents. When is an island no longer an island? It is as well in terms of geology. Of archaeology, which lay underneath the present, of what we see now. It keeps the memory of what has happened before.

Nowadays, the human race is experimenting with the land itself, creating man made islands. Intrusions of new land. These artificial islands including floating structures, or small islets support a single pillar of a building or structure, or instead entire communities and cities.  The city ofTenochtitlan, the Aztec predecessor of Mexico City that was home to 500,000 people when the Spaniards arrived, stood on a small natural island in Lake Texcoco that was surrounded by countless artificial chinamitl islands.

What we need to be interested in is that all these lands, are part of a topological condition. Always moving, always changing. The same movement that the earth is shaping itself in the last millions of years, it is the same that it is translating our everyday life and production.

It is a  topological space the one we are building on. Which relies on concepts as  continuityconnectedness, and convergence. The affiliation between two or more islands, atolls, continents, is what makes relationship with the world. The connections is achieved by bridges, which link the archipelago together.



The idea of standing alone, of being detached from others.  No man is an island, Human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. In the same way we tend to think about engineering, different from architecture, to design, to law.

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So basically I have now thousands of ideas for new drawings but I will stop. I will do the speech and then keep going. I will upload it soon. Need to work A LOT on it. And I will repeat it for at least 5 times. Feel a bit like him!

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Plan and speech!-double update!


Working on plan and speech!

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Islands updates

20160519_205139 20160519_165932 20160519_165922 20160518_215654 20160517_114801

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I am sure there is an easier way to do this.

dafuk2 dafuk

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Re-cap for myself and I-Updates

So I ordered cork sheets for the islands/underwater world. I will mix those with perspex layers.

I will finish the islands between today and tomorrow. Lasercut is mental. Need to find a good hour to go and cut everything.

I am working on the drawings in the meanwhile, updates soon!

overlaying underworlddafuk

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Zoom in-zoom out -update!

A classic.

Now let’s do it with these islands.. I changed as well the layout right now. Full editing!!

zoom in changezoom in

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Planning the atlas + underworld

underlasercut islands


It is starting to make sense when cutted up. Hopefully finishing some parts tomorrow early morning


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Blog, I always loved you.

Creating landform and therefore an atlas of ideologies. At the beginning there would be a cluster of dots in the ocean. Every cluster is committed to an idea/concept/a value. Each island offers a stage.

Maps/islands/archipelagos allow to form the basis of comparison across the borders made by man in topography. These islands reduce geographical variation and they replace it with symbols. Depicting scale, recognizing a city from a village, etc.

The earth is a collection of islands in a atlas wit no beginning nor end.

Difference between island or atoll? And island to continent? Islands are in fact small continents, and continents are in turn no more than very large islands.silands

I am working on 2 drawings as well. All printed for tomorrow!!!

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Pinball construction updates-Lasercut file!!!!






terrain lasercut20160509_102943 20160509_112222 20160509_112226


The aim is to make the plunger project the ball straight. Then the lights can be added later on. I need to focus on the island level.

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New terrain


I am working on having this terrain as a landscape of different scales, so we start from the islands, then we go to the pixaled bit on the right, then the city, then there will be some slots for images/moments/not-sure-. I have these images below as references:

2805101275068680centralcaliforniahistorymuseum pk_davids_island museum_sectionl


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Working on the landscape-Wip

I have been researching for inspiration today. I want to design the landform level, not just as an agglomeration of islands, but as well of cities, ideologies, ideas, movement. Here some ideas!

land2 land1

92403ca9b8c37c598f7a2ffc82087133 13083246_10154232511200774_6655340549873668578_n c9d08c7a90f9b3713187956cf42d9a3e d408cd1007f51afc02cf1a5c7f585d6c e61895e2ba1a4b3c27b51dcaae263d6b map-walker-932x628 shortlisted-proposals-for-londonaposs-fourth-plinth_4 tumblr_mkzcg3LV401qb8342o2_r1_500 tumblr_ms888jzwfM1qb8342o1_1280 tumblr_nlzqbrb5lU1qb8342o1_1280

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The machine!

IMG-20160507-WA0009 IMG-20160507-WA0007

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Run run term3


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New order!

1 2

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Manifesto help needed!-1-2-3!







poster4 3 52 1


I would go for the last one… open to discussion though!

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Finishing plans

palladio duchamp

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Go back to the machine!


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Quite useful this way of working!-wip







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Re-working on some products of the machine-WIP

1image2image7image8image10image25image1text 2text 3text 4text 5text 6text 7text 8text DRAWINGS

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whitebook45 whitebook4 whitebook3 whitebook2 whitebook1

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Let’s get it started

I am listening at my shameful presentation yesterday. I have the feedback and I am writing some parts and working on the bigger picture.

In the meanwhile, thanks Anatol for this place! I will go and print again TS to get it bind properly as well for the 3rd of May and then….

New ideas, new vibe and new work from today.

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Sudden link between objects and words

20160412_20433620160412_204233 20160412_205048

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Thoughts on the book of Michel Rojkind

Architecture is a process that bring together elements that over time lead us on to others. The world is changing every day to everyday conditions, rather than intellectual conditions of architecture and urbanism. Architecture is when everything comes together.

Later, the architect will come along, then the planner, the technician. It all starts with intuition based on our experience and on understanding where opportunities lie. And of course, luck.

We found ourselves hanging out with people from all over the world. Everybody has a different angle on the same thing, there are many different viewpoints. In today’s changing world we need varied perspectives.

In order to do a project, it is somehow a question of identifying, of selecting. And then gathering the informations. Building, creating, adapting. We select what we think are the correct components and then we adapt them into physical form. We give these elements an angle to make them relevant to the city or context.

Architecture is not the goal, it is mean. The goal is to maximize the possibilities that we have. It is not possible to create and insert new things, what architects do is to draw the contour of what is happening so that the project become portraits of life or society already in this place.

Our job is to distil the essential ingredients to achieve an enriched product. It is a string of code that communicate. To project is to choose. People prefer better than others. It is an act, why someone chose one thing to be more relevant to the other.

This machine is a study of change. What happens when things combine, interact, change place? We must embrace instability as a good thing. We are constantly challenged. What it develops is an interesting cross-pollination between disciplines.

“our lives are so throughout a patchwork of such disconnected states is not a natural condition but rather the product of a dense and powerful remaking”  jonathan cray

The metropolis is a space saturated with stimuli, the kingdom of over stimulation, compared to the small communities, the metropolis is constant change. It all goes back to our fundamental value of selector to figure it out how to process the torrent of stimuli that we constantly face. Selective sampling

We react to a certain situation, a certain way of choosing, which for the architect selection is a means of expression. Architects selections are still grounded in the knowledge and techniques build up from experience, both individual and collective.

The active effort required to properly choreograph the input of knowledge, a kind of alchemy that takes seemingly incompatible things and make something wonderful from them. That’s what we call creativity.

And it might not even be based on design, but on social interaction or how things perform/aesthetics. If there are so many different firms of architecture is because of its diversity and various approaches and way of selection. We give two architects identical briefs, one takes it and read with a completely different set of parameters. The outcome will always be different. The process of selecting is the most important aspect of each architect.

The architect’s layering of selection, through a process of inquiry and shaping of possibilities into realizable value for the client, for the society, for the advancement of the discipline is not static but it is a process moulding in every different situation. It is an active engagement.

The experience of architecture is not defined in principle either by space or by form but by the connections that we can directly perceive.


I do not believe in one, in a self sufficiency. I believe in the whole, in new buildings giving to others. Whether an object or a building can add itself to a larger system and at the same time, it takes something from it. It is a symbiosis. If a project is not a part of a larger social construct it makes no sense. The project changes all the time, the budged changes, the program changes. How do we train ourselves to be aware of these changes?

Have the ability to adapt, which means to modify something to adjust it to a new condition. Which is approximately what Darwin would adopt it to give it a biological twist. Variations and selection produce adaptation. And pure variation without a mechanism makes no sense. Its sense arises in this very selection. The work of the architect is to reorganize the relationships between an object and its context, its function and performance.  Selecting the raw material in a sense accumulating it, under the premise that might come at hands.  Each fragment represent a set of actual and possible relations, they are operators/possibilities.


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Mexico City Blues- Kerouac

Frida Escobedo:

Funky patterns. Favourite work:

image_content_23843993_20150716180301 shapeimage_1


-Beautiful render views and models study

House of music budapest, House in Ginigala, Sri LankaRecycled house in Tlayacapan, Mexico

I really liked the model for the Victoria and Albert museum exhibition in 2009 and I liked the they founded this website as a platform for architecture.

121-VA-03 121-VA-08

And I found the renovation of this flat in an invisible bathroom genius!

Zeller and Moye:

The way they build models reminds me a lot of the Herzog and De Meuron natural history book. What are you bringing back from the Herzog and De Meuron experience and what is your addition?

The project of Arena Mexico gallery nearing completion is perfect for Maridia! If you scroll down the video is here!

Fernando Romero:

Great front page of the website! I liked the division TYPE-LOCATION-SCALE

The archivio project is done together with Zeller and Moye

Plaza Mariana it is a very good image of a collection of buildings= city



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In progress-1pm update!

island colors3island colors2

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Pin up tuesday-Island update


island plan

I am working on these machine which move fragments and soil in order to create island. Then I will add everything to the island plan.

tomorrow I am re working on the presentation, white book ideas and Mexico trip.


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Shift away from pinball-update!



I have been looking back at the project, few things I remember from the previews:

1. Do not talk about pinball, talk about gravity, geometry, dimensions

2. Why pinball anyway, it is retro.

3.The machine’s mechanism (possessive apostrophe!) on the back is important, maybe more than the front.

In addition to this, I think I might have been too literal with the construction of this machine. I am looking at creating a shell for the machine, which is not rectangular but break from the traditional contour.

I am back to the island plan for now.

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Island plan

island plan

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Editing text


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How to construct a city


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render1 render24views

Working on the renders for the 4views drawing and the island plan. Need to print that tomorrow then text for tomorrow to review.

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Drawing 4 views


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New plan for islands

island new

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Got a bit better!

4 views.3dm


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Slightly stuck

argh1 argh2 argh3 argh4

I had something else in my mind and I am not sure why this is not really working at the moment.. I had the feeling I should have talk about a bridge connecting 4 conditions of architecture but here the distinction is not very clear… So I will start the island plan first then going back to this.

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Old drawing colored

colors old drawing

I just sorted out some old drawings in order to have a flowing presentation at the beginning.. Now into the 4 views.

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Duh-9 boxes

So apparently I am not able to count. ehehhe so I am missing one. Will come back to it before bed-time!


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Small mechanism drawings-UPDATES

mechanism small1 mechanism small2

I was missing 2 small mechanism drawings so here I am going to color them and then add them to my new drawings 9 boxes of mechanism. (Yes, very original)

Then, back to the 4 views drawings which will take me a while I think.


small mechanism1

small mechanism2

small mechanism3

small mechanism4

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New inspiration + new drawing in the making


I do not know why capital. However, here some pieces of the new drawing..

1 2 3 4




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Playing with colors


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Plan for previews

A quick recap:

1. Printing:

-4 big drawings

– 5 squares

– 5 long

2. Pinball construction:

-bits and pieces (too long the list)

3. Argument:

-think about 3 chapters

-Collection of references



New drawings needed as well!

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Where is all the work?

spreads peepholes

I have the feeling I am missing a lot of work here. So I will stop for now and keep going tomorrow! I need to:

1.pick up the large drawing for the pinball

2.Install the mechanism

3.Pictures front and back

4. Finish drawings TS



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Spreading spreads

double spread double spread2 double spread3 double spread4

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Working on drawings and diagrams-wip!


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The collection

IMG_9311 IMG_9320 IMG_9324 IMG_9328

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Axo with colors-no colors

axo colors and buildingsaxo no color

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So I am still here with less lines though.

axo axo1 axo2 axo3 Probably I should add many more buildings and bridges but I am so close to smash the pc on this drawing. so I decided to go with this one: drawing axo

muauauahahahah sabri 1- rhino 0

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Small axo pinball-Make 2d and repeat


sunday no thinking day. Make 2d-lines-make 2d-cheat-make 2d-damn it it’s stuck-make 2d-color in!

axo axo2

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Plan and few pages!

blog2blog1  bridges


I am here in this heaven of machinery and funky colors. While Giacomo is assembling some parts I am making the new drawings for the new parts and finishing the plan for now… It will change probably just to fill the pages now and let’s see how it goes…

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Plan of the weekend

Today is a very good day. The Qaa document is over. Let’s celebrate!

Now I am drawing the storyboard, in the meanwhile let me write it down few things from now to previews:

1. 5th of March-Pinball guys which will involve:

-Finish playfield

-Add new mechanism pages

-Print on double side sticky transparent paper on top of slingshots/background etc

-Photograph playfield


For the document itself:

1. Finish plan + colours

2. Peepholes and views in the machine

3.Picture of the plan with collection of model on top

4.Bridges to model in powder possibly. You better do this, Sabri

5-Integrate the last Ts pages of illusion and structure with some cool drawings. Thank you again, Sabri.

6.Revise the grammar and the English in the document + layout + titles Thank you EMMA!

7. Cut holes in the beautiful yellow paper (Obviously a priority here)

For the previews:

1.View of the bridges + cities + different connections of hand-scape

2.Make the upper part of the machine for the video

3. Find a camera to attach to the ball

4. Figure it out some wormholes

and moreover, if I am late on schedule or lost or Idunnowhattt just photoshop the hell out of it.

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The plan is transforming!

plan1 plan2 plan3

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Not really sure how to use this render now.

section1 section2 section3

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Section coming up!


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Render. I said render!


Ladies and gentlemen today might become a historical date in history. I have just created a render folder. Yes, I did. Thanks to Amar, who introduced me to this devilish tool, I will now go and play with some sections/plans render-like views.

The plan is to have

1. Plan


3.View of one bridge-highway connecting 4 parts.


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Planning the powder models and the lasercut models

1 2

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Little buildings-Update!

little building

landscape landscape2

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A collaboration of plan with Sottsass

20160229_084923 20160229_085658 20160229_085707 20160229_085745 20160229_085906 20160229_085909 20160229_085918 20160229_085922 20160229_194347 20160229_194355 20160229_194409 20160229_194418 20160229_194425 20160229_194624 20160229_194641 20160229_194650 20160229_194653 20160229_194704


Me right now. I am high on hot tea honestly.

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Building the plan and transforming the bridges in highway

buildings buildings2

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Things to do:

1 2


1. Lasercut plan

2. Coloured powder models

3. Drawing connecting the bridges within each other

4.Drawing connecting the bridges with cities/islands/areas/etc

To keep on the side of my mind:

1. Find the mirrors/chrome effect for the bridge

2. Draw peepholes in the pinball machine

3.Find a camera to attach to the ball rolling

4. Do the islands level

5. 5th of March going to the pinball workshop to finish the top layer, which include printing on perspex/mechanism pages/frame etc.


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Working on the plan

20160225_173239 20160225_164849 20160225_164841

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View 1-2

Immagine2 Immagine

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